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  1. jentlesoaps

    Amino acid soap Base

    Great read! TSM!
  2. jentlesoaps

    Faces in soap

    I love those kind of swirls. Kenny from Royal Apple Berry makes a lot of those kind of drop swirls. I have one that I could gaze at for hours. Great pic Vicki C! Love that smiling woman swirl!
  3. jentlesoaps

    Amino acid soap Base

    I was more interested in making a facial soap and embedding florals in the clear base that normally would just darken and brown with the higher pH soap on the market. It is a market appeal gimmick for sure, but a fun aesthetic is what I am hoping to achieve. I will!
  4. jentlesoaps

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I got this one for Christmas as well! LOVING every minute. Kevin Dunn really knows his stuff. Of course I am also in the middle of my cosmetic chemistry course Practical Cosmetic Formulating (so much fun!). Opening registration for Formula Botanica courses starts tomorrow (so ready!). I am...
  5. jentlesoaps

    Amino acid soap Base

    I am super stoked! Not only did they ship me cocoyl glutamic acid for making amino soap, but they also had the ingredients for oxygenating creams and color changing lip dyes! I have so much fun ahead of me in the lab. I cannot wait to play with these HTF ingredients. Dan9250 thank you once...
  6. jentlesoaps

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Yes, the smoke is an even bigger issue so if you do decide to tackle it as a project let me know and I can give some pointers for making it a pleasant soaping experience. I use my sun room and open up all the windows and the sliding glass (it rains a lot here) so I have access to electricity...
  7. jentlesoaps

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Organizing plans for the soap lab. I have a small studio so counter space is prime. Time to deal clutter! I have also been formulating a new black soap! I hope I get time to do some smoky soaping soon! Happy New Year everyone🍾🍾🍾
  8. jentlesoaps

    Amino acid soap Base

    Thank you Dan!😁 I am waiting to hear back from them. They have the color changing lip dye too! I hope they will work with me👍
  9. jentlesoaps

    All Organic Body Wash made with African Black Soap and Shea

    I went to the Ghana Soap School and learned how to make authentic ABS. It took a little time to source the proper ingredients that are available here in North America and I found some African YouTubers who also have shared some of their skills making authentic African Black Soap. It is not made...
  10. jentlesoaps

    Amino acid soap Base

    Anyone sourcing the cocoyl glutamic acid? So far I found one supplier in the Philippians but they do not ship to North America.
  11. jentlesoaps

    All Organic Body Wash made with African Black Soap and Shea

    Black soaps are potassium based so they make lovely bodywash. Thicken up with guar gum or other thickeners.
  12. Dragon Eye Painted Soap

    Dragon Eye Painted Soap

    This was a fun molded CP with embeds that appear as you use the soap. I painted each of them with mica. Very fun project!
  13. jentlesoaps

    Recipe meanderings

    Sounds good to me.
  14. jentlesoaps

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Cleaning up the soap studio so I can find all my awesome ingredients, LOL and make a bigger mess of course! Bath bomb dust is everywhere and it is a sunny day. Time to reorganize while I wash off all the dust.
  15. jentlesoaps

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I am formulating with black soap recipes! I am also working on a collaboration with Thermal Mermaid, Whoo Hoo! I have two new black soap videos up on YouTube and hope to be teaching the method soon. I love doing new things with soap. Here are my first three amazing black soaps. The first on...
  16. jentlesoaps

    Humidity levels??

    Try formulating at a is super fat, say 5% for example. Then use a chelator such as tetrasodium edta to bind the water during cure to stop oxidation of your oils.
  17. jentlesoaps

    Does anybody here promote CP soap as shampoo?

    I have only made one natural soap in 30 years that I use as a clarifier (not regular use) when the build up from commercial shampoos gets too much I do indeed enjoy using it . It's not a bar soap nor is it made with NaOH. In addition I use either a high quality leave in conditioner and/or use a...
  18. jentlesoaps

    Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

    Me too! Excellent idea. I was wondering about using it in shampoo bars for natural colorant. The pH is nice and low for a syndet.
  19. jentlesoaps

    Badly need advice

    I've just purchased the Soapmaker3 and it finally solved my resizing problem. All the rest of the features are a bonus. I'm just on the lite version for now but when I start growing I'll invest in the pro update for sure.
  20. jentlesoaps

    Rehab the hair (or how to get away from lye based shampoo)?

    There is a lot of controversy about pH and soap. However as soon as you get your hair wet it increases the pH of the mantle to 7. Water isn't harmful to the hair and a gentle soap used in the correct way isn't going to harm your hair (which is dead) or cause frizziness or breakage. I think the...