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    Metal shelves, sources for signs/covers/etc?

    I'm guessing this falls under packaging? LOL The store where I have my soap went to the regular steel retail shelving. I'm looking for the sign holders and such, but all I'm finding is having to order 100 of them. I only need like 10 ! Plus I'd like to cover the shelves with something, I know...
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    Subbing sugar for salt in scrub recipe changes recipe?

    I've been wanting to play with scrubs and did a bunch of research...I thought. I followed a recipe on WSP's site for a salt scrub but subbed in sugar, thinking it couldn't be *that* different. The...
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    Can you use tube silicone to add details to existing silicone mold?

    I couldn't find this on a search...I have a silicone mold thats the right shape and size for a project but I need to add some detailing to it. Trying to figure out if the silicone in a tube would work? Has anyone tried this? I'm reluctant to toally mess up a mold...although I may have too :).
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    Will soap keep curing in retail boxes? Or is it a DOS invite?

    I'm curious if anyone lets their soap finish curing in individual retail boxes (the cardboard ones with a cutout)? I just started using boxes and I like the idea of being able to just grab and go off the shelf instead of wait a month or six weeks then box and label and if I made a ton of batches...
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    Aroma beads, small amount ...sources without killer shipping?

    I'd like to play with the aroma beads, but every source I've found makes up for cheap prices in shipping. Only looking for a pound or two-any suggestions?
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    Me vs DOS (and more)...the epic battle

    Some of you may remember my attempts to figure out what caused a round of DOS'ing in my soaps. I decided to post the battle in case it helps anyone else! It all starts a few months ago.... Same recipe I've been using pretty much since I started, hundreds of bars and a ton of batches successful...
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    Stick blender for Christmas!!! :) but there's a catch....

    Got a stick blender for Christmas! But it came with a catch..... :shark: "You can only use it for FOOD" Wait........what??? They work for food?!?! :headbanging: :twisted: True story :twisted: LOL-she knows me too well!
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    Cheap crockpots after rebates at Kohl's

    Friend of mine shared this with me so I'm sharing it here. has the details-boils down to buy 3 of the Hamilton beach 6 qt crockpots for $16.99 each (use the 15% code), get em, send in the $12...
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    ISO vanilla....never thought I'd say that...

    I am NOT a fan of vanilla for the past 10 years due to a bad experience with vanilla flavored medicine (blech) but I am getting multiple requests for vanilla soap. Even after explaining it'd be a brown soap, they still want it. Normally I'd go order several versions and do a bunch of testing but...
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    Banana Boat lotion smell?

    Apparently searching the forum for "banana" will turn up nothing like this.... A friend requested soap that smells like the banana boat tanning oil. I haven't smelled it in years and all I remember is coconut? I told them they are getting M&P because coconut is tricky LOL. Has anyone found a...
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    Soap cutter (multi bar) and planer/beveler review

    Got my soap cutter in and thought I'd review it here in case anyone else is looking at one. I bought this listing: from CustomSoapStamps on etsy. Honestly I didn't set out to buy that one, but...
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    Small stainless cups - how I think I can use them, am I in the right direction?

    I came across a pack of these cheaply at a discount store. My soap brain went :think: .... so, here's what I am thinking. I'm being asked to do some more colorful soaps - "swirls and pretty stuff". I do...
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    Riceland oils-pouring out of wide mouth jug?

    How do you guys that use the Riceland Rice Bran oil pour out of that huge mouthed jug?! I almost made a huge mess! :cry: I don't have a smaller bottle to pour into right now, curious what ya'll do.....
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    Crafter's Choice-website not doing anything?

    Is it just me or does Crafter's Choice website acting squirrely? I can get to the categories and their description but no products or prices....
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    Hot car storage (oops) and no DOS?!?

    It's official, soap does what it wants!:shark: Was cleaning out the console of my car (that I hardly ever open) and found that I had forgotten a bar of soap I was taking in to show a coworker. Plastic shrink wrapped , and I know it was in there at least 4 months , possibly 5. The temperature...