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  1. Beth

    Temps and H2O

    Go to “refine search” and look by author’s name: savonette
  2. Beth


    I’m a very organized person, I measure everything before, and line up in order (and in groups) of pouring it. Then, once it reaches trace I feel super disorganized because things need to be done fast from that point on. And later I always have a feeling that I “forgot” something. Which haven’t...
  3. Beth

    Using SoapCalc

    I apologize for my ignorance, but what is WSP?
  4. Beth

    Using SoapCalc

    Good to know I’m not the only one. I’m trying a new recipe using the soapguild calculator. Crossing my fingers.
  5. Beth

    Essential oils price

    Thanks @SonySasankan. I will check them. About the Oregon Tilth... it’s a cultural thing. Have you ever heard of toilet paper made of recycled paper and organic? Yup, we do have one of those. I think it’s just a way of being sure what we are using is indeed natural, free of chemicals.
  6. Beth

    Essential oils price

    I’m not sure what you mean about “making soap in bulk“, but I was talking about “buying ingredients in bulk.” And yes, buying directly from suppliers/exporters makes it cheaper. Do you have any good supplier/exporter where you live? I’m going to Brazil next year to meet an exporter from there.
  7. Beth

    Essential oils price

    I do too buy my ingredients in bulk, and like you I would get cheaper if I had more storage space. My final $$/PPO is $5.06 (counting NaOH, and I do not use palm oil), so I would get 1.26 for a 4oz bar. But to get the Ylang-ylang that cheap, I would need to buy at least 25 pounds of EO. I use my...
  8. Beth

    Essential oils price

    I need help... I used to buy a certified organic soap made with organic essential oils before I started to make my own. I used to pay $7 for each 3.05 oz bar for that organic soap. I was checking the price of organic essential oils (bulk price), and I don’t see how that company (a small...
  9. Beth

    eczema honey

    Their soap has “sorbitol” and “propylene glycol” in the ingredients list. Which makes me wonder what they have in the other products. Wouldn’t they be taking a huge risk selling products with honey without preservatives?
  10. Beth

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I am waiting for supplies, so no soap making here until the weekend. Shipping costs almost broke my bank account.
  11. Beth

    How to make bath bombs more hard?

    @AmberE97 You could add a note saying to be careful when removing the shrink wrap. Also, I use alcohol mixed with water in my bath bombs. If you mix quickly the fuzz goes away quickly. I also use butter instead of oil (higher melting point)
  12. Beth

    Hello from Oregon

    @IrishLass and @TheGecko, thanks for the feedback. I reread my thread and I think I should add a little note to it... What I meant and failed to say is that I would ask the person selling the soap if it was made with lye, not if the soap had lye in it. Yes, there is a significant difference...
  13. Beth

    Hello from Oregon

    Hello, I have been reading threads in most of the forums here for a while now, and I think it is time to make it official. Soapmaking is my new craziness, and as all of my crafts obsessions, I already spent more than I should in supplies. But it is the first time I use one of my crafts in the...
  14. Beth

    Andiroba oil

    I love reading all the posts in this website, and this is my first post. Soap-making is my last craft obsession, and like any other of my crafts obsessions, I already spent more money than I should. my last purchase was few Brazilian oils, and the Andiroba smells rancid and it is not yellowish...