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  1. Sony Sasankan

    Soap making ingredients suppliers in India

    I have purchased almost all the FO and EO from Vedaoils. They are all pretty good. There were some rare disappointments... did not like both the Vanilla EO and FO. It did not smell like real vanilla. The aloe vera oil im not really sure about because I was expecting a career oil of sorts. But...
  2. Sony Sasankan

    70% Rice Bran Oil soap

    I haven't tried 100% RBO, but did try making a 100% Sunflower Oil a month back. It was pretty soft and sticky... not a big fan. Maybe RBO will be similar as they're both fairly similar in consistency at room temp (different fatty acid profiles of course). Im also guessing an unusually long...
  3. Sony Sasankan

    Post your Gripe

    I had the same happen to me. Luckily it was only a 25 USD spend. Complete PITA... had to freeze my account till the new card comes, etc. I have seen some interesting videos where thieves put an additional attachment into the ATM machine's card slot. So when you insert your card, the attachment...
  4. Sony Sasankan

    First Attempt at Soap (hot process, well-used fry oil, sour milk)

    Interesting Experiment. Since you were doing HP, I assumed the rice would cook itself with all that extra water and soften itself. So the cracked rice remained hard and effective as an abrasive? Did you add the rice last after the cook (with the pine-sol)?
  5. Sony Sasankan

    Essential oils price

    Just checked out Oregon Tilth. They themselves say Organic certification is limited to agricultural or agriculturally-based products. I think its more of a branding / labeling / reassurance thing than an actual certification. Yes, I meant buying ingredients in bulk... which kinda leads to...
  6. Sony Sasankan

    Essential oils price

    Organic only matters when you are ingesting them. Most countries have certifications for labeling organic only for edible items. Calling a cosmetic / soap organic is just plain weird.... and having a certification for it is even weirder. Is this in US? Who certifies cosmetics to be organic? I...
  7. Sony Sasankan

    The word association game

  8. Sony Sasankan

    The word association game

  9. Sony Sasankan

    Triple rice soap

    Very Interesting... Any idea on what is the science behind rice? Is it the starch content? Whats happening under the hood? Can wheat / corn / tapioca / other flours be substituted for rice? I havent tried making it, but definitely will... Just wanted to know if you already experimented on them...
  10. Sony Sasankan

    Can Calcium Lactate be substituted for Sodium Lactate?

    Ah... yes, That makes sense. Thank you for the clarity :)
  11. Sony Sasankan

    Can Calcium Lactate be substituted for Sodium Lactate?

    Im wondering if anyone has any experience using Calcium Lactate in soap making (CP or HP). Does it break down to lactic acid like Sodium Lactate does?
  12. Sony Sasankan

    Powdered goat milk vs yogurt in hot process

    Yes, this works as well. I've tried it with whey water drained from straining homemade yogurt. This is the sweet whey water (that tastes kinda nice). I'm not sure about the acid whey water you get from separation of spoiled milk when heated (Cottage cheese I believe its called). These are both...
  13. Sony Sasankan

    No superfat

    From my personal experience, I could tell no difference between adding 10% SF and not. Did tests on both Shea and Cocoa butters. I didn't feel any difference. Maybe you need super sensitive skin or something to make out the difference. I think its more psychological and more for marketing /...
  14. Sony Sasankan

    Glossy Label Inkjet Printer question

    The CMYK model of mixing colours that most printers use, factor in the colour "white" as a constant that cannot be adjusted. This white colour of course is the colour of the paper. The rest of the colours mix at a ratio, that when printed on the white paper makes the final colour. So a ratio of...
  15. Sony Sasankan

    Neem Oil Soap

    Ah... I have yet to try it as a normal oil. Its got a very strong interesting smell. I was sure none of the health benefits will make it past the lye. So I used it as a 10% superfat... which I think was a little too strong for me. Plus I didnt use any other EO. Definitely going to do next batch...
  16. Sony Sasankan

    Question for the chemists: mixing soaps for recipe experimentation

    @shunt2011 The saponification is pretty much done once you get to the vaseline stage in HP. Thats just a visual cue. Numerous videos on youtube actually even go to the extend of confirming it with Ph tests (and that chemical that turns red / pink if lye is still present). A lot of the water used...
  17. Sony Sasankan

    Question for the chemists: mixing soaps for recipe experimentation

    I think you are interchanging "hardening" with "curing"... which is understandable because in CP they both happen at around the same time. When you leave it to cure for a month, you are essentially allowing the saponification to happen at room temperature, and at the same time allowing the...
  18. Sony Sasankan

    palm oil and stearic acid

    Stearic acid is great when working with a lot of soft oils. A little goes a long way. Don't use more than 1% of your total oil weight and you should be good.
  19. Sony Sasankan

    Neem Oil Soap

    I've always wondered how neem oil is used. @StormyK , did you use the 15% neem oil as a superfat? Or in the oil blend with the lye?
  20. Sony Sasankan

    Question for the chemists: mixing soaps for recipe experimentation

    I dont think it works like that. Some single oil soaps have weird results (slimy lather for example) after saponification, and I's sure they will retain those properties if you mix them with other single oil shredded soaps. I cant be sure because I haven't gone through the trouble... plus I make...