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  1. paillo

    Lye buy I will never do again

    Hi gang! Haven't posted in forever, only recently started soapmaking again after the big move to Colorado, taking a job with our local Hospice, and generally trying to create normal. Sooo very wonderful to be back home in the mountains. And making soap!
  2. paillo

    FTC crackdown on 'natural' labels I hope this spreads far and wide!!!!!
  3. paillo

    Lardinators! What lard do you use?

    Making lard soap today with leaf lard, grass-fed pigs, certified organic from Fannie and Flo on Etsy. Have some of their tallow too. What do y'all US soapers use? The really good stuff like theirs, or cheap brands like Armour (lard and hydrogenated lard)? I don't mind paying for the good...
  4. paillo

    Suggestions on heavy duty plastic bags for bath salts?

    Haven't made bath salts in a year, but until then sold a lot of gift packages including a generous amount of bath salts containing EOs. Because the plastic salt containers I used deformed pretty quickly from the EOs I switched to mason jars. Ready to get back into making my spa kits, but will...
  5. paillo

    Apropos of nothing but lard and acyrologia

    OK gang, Ms. Cranky rearing her ornery head again. Acyrologia, what's that? Gotta be some new sabaconifrying term. My clientele is mostly vegan, uppityscale, larding it over the rest of us. I swear I'm beginning to get an inferiority complexion with all the praises of lard, tallowed be thy...
  6. paillo

    Stick blender or not?

    I don't remember the last time I used my stick blender. Instead I use a really good whisk with at least 24 blades (sorry, trying to count made me dizzy). I use a lot of additives in my liquid (milk, salt, sugar, clay, silk) and getting to trace doesn't take much time even without any...
  7. paillo

    WSP FO sale and new policies

    Just reading yesterday's email and like it. New: 1. No more packaging peanuts, being replaced by air pillows made from recycled, biodegradable material. Yay!!!!! 2. 30 percent off FO sale Sunday and Monday. 3. $5 handling fee per order (last straw was recent UPS increase of 4.9...
  8. paillo

    Anyone else have trouble? Site times out for me constantly.

    I'm one who always has a lot of tabs open. The forum site crashes on me all the time, sometimes every half hour or so, sometimes mid-post, sometimes not for a day or so. None of my other tabs have this problem. Ideas as to cause? Suggestions for solution? Running Windows 10 with latest version...
  9. paillo

    Issues Nurture micas?

    First off, Happy New Year all! So I've been soaping with colorants from several different mica suppliers. I'm accustomed to using about half a teaspoon for a batch with 40 oz. oils to get the muted but very colorful shades I like. Have noticed with the last several batches using Nurture...
  10. paillo

    Deer tallow soap, wow, it is divine

    So at the suggestion of several here, I ordered some deer tallow soap from Etsy. Now I see why y'all sing the praises of tallow soap. Incredibly creamy lather, my skin feels great, I'm a new fan. Friends have promised me the fatty parts from their young son's first deer, can't wait to try my...
  11. paillo

    White thyme EO, love hate

    Wow, so I had about 2 oz stashed away for a couple years remembering I love it but having had comments about it being overpowering. Made a red Hawaiian Alaea salt soap with it tonight, 3 parts sweet orange 10x to 1 part white thyme. Set up on me immediately. Tried to beat it into submission but...
  12. paillo

    Subbed avocado oil for shea butter in salt bars, ugh, me no likee

    So granted it's young soap, only five weeks old, but noticeable differences from my salt bars using shea butter. Lather is nice but no more so than my shea butter version. But I find it gritty, thin feeling and not so emollient as my shea bars at the same age. 75 percent coconut oil 15 percent...
  13. paillo

    Anyone tried Soleseife shampoo bars?

    Thinking not to add as much salt as I would for soleseife, but enough to make them much harder than my previous hair bars. Would use extra-fine pink Himalayan salt. OO, avocado, babassu, argan, brocolli seed oils, panthenol, silk amino acids, honeyquat, citric acid, silk, sugar - not in order...
  14. paillo

    50-pounds CO NOT in a bag in a pail?

    Hi All! Glad to be back after many months out of touch and as many months not soaping. Have missed the forum and y'allses! And now it's time to get the hands oily again :) So sorry to return on a sorta complain-ey note, but this has been bugging me for a long time. I have a 50-pound pail of...
  15. paillo

    Wow, tried this Euro salt recipe, love it!

    So David Fischer had posted this, and of course I had to try it. Of course I tried it at the most inopportune time, with a big order of wedding favors soaps to get out, mini hearts for...
  16. paillo

    Need advice on clear FOs/EOs

    So I'm playing with SFIC base and embeds. I need FOs and EOs that don't turn the soap cloudy but leave it clear so the embeds can show nicely. So far it's been a lot of experimenting with the scents I have on hand, making half a bar and observing the results. A lot of failures I've cut up to use...
  17. paillo

    3rd try at tiger swirls, love them!

    So I had the absolute work week from hades and was feeling totally despondent last night, and with a batch of lye and oils that I knew I had screwed up to boot. I figured I had nothing to lose, and with some math backtracking managed to fix the quantities. My first two tiger swirl attempts were...
  18. paillo

    Why does keep losing my recipes!? So frustrated!!!!!

    Anyone else have this problem? I can't trust it at all to keep my saved recipes, they just vanish. On a Windows machine running Windows 7, and Chrome. I just don't get it. Luckily I've saved most of them in Word files, but I'm getting really, really distrustful. Of course, the one I needed to...
  19. paillo

    Cutting too soon

    Hey y'all, I've been noticing from photos that many otherwise really beautiful soaps are suffering from the Dreaded Drag Marks you'll get if you cut your loaves too soon. I never, ever, ever cut mine before they've set up for a full 12 hours. Longer is preferable, 24 hours is ideal, at least...
  20. paillo


    So I found a few threads on chlorella as a colorant, but am still curious. I can't get a really nice natural green I like. I use mostly French green clay, but am not crazy about the grayish tinge to it. Have tried most of the other usual green botanicals too, but eventually all I've tried have...