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    Nothing fancy.. But I finally got my Peppermint soap done!

    Hey all, So I finally got my Peppermint soap done! YEA! I know have Christmas presents :P I ended up doing rebatch again.. This is shea butter. Thanks for looking!
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    sorry need help again.. rebatch in cp

    hey all, So I went over the info on m&p and I really don't think that is what I want.. so again reordered the rebatch soap.. Soooo after failing in the oven.. added toooooo much water.. Was wondering how all you do it in the CP? I don't need to buy a new one to do it right, it's just...
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    more info on M&P please

    Hey all, SOOOO I really wanted to try the CP soap making but having a 9 month old.. that walks! things are getting difficult to get done! I saw the newsletter for the local shop here and they had this new M&P.. ... t=61&path= What exactly is involved...
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    Can someone please post good recipe?

    Hey all.. Soo I'm so tired of trying to get rebatch right.. If this soap does not harden I'm out about $25, I know that's not much, but at the same time it is to waste kwim? The reason I'm doing this soap is because I can not afford to spend lots of Christmas this year for family so am...
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    QUICK! Anyone on right now?

    Hey all, So I'm heating rebatch in oven right now.. it has been in there like 2 hours and still is not liquid, is very firm . I already added 2 cup water for the soak part.. and then added about another 1/2 cup now.. I have oven @ 245 now becuase 200 did nothing.. need help quick PLEASE!!!
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    Do you melt your rebatch in oven?

    Hey all, So I was looking on the site you all mention (Bramble Berry) and saw they have another way to melt rebatch (in oven for 90min w/ 1 cup liquid) So I was wondering if anyone does it this way? I am really considering it as I don't care to much for the boiling in baggies(#1 reason I did...
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    Is there an online source to learn to make?

    Hey all, So I have a local shop here that offers classes but I am unable to attend because my husband works the day they offer, and I am unable to take baby to class... also I don't drive so that is also another thing. So was wondering if you can link me up to sites with help on making bath...
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    Looking for soap bar wrap tutorial..

    Hey all, I was hoping someone could help. I'm looking for a tutorial or template on making a soap bar wrap. I'm hoping I can print from home. I've only seen things that you buy when I googled.. I'm pretty handy with photoshop so was hoping I could make my own. Thanks! Candice
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    First rebatch attempt.. need advise please

    Hey all! So I tried my first shea butter rebatch.. I think I might be off a bit, def not as pretty as your all's. I heated for 1 hour.. kneaded, heated again for another 20 mins kneaded again then added fo & color and poured in to mold(2lb wood block mold). I'm thinking it was not heated...
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    Need advise

    Hey all, Hope this is the right forum.. I was looking for a little help. I wanted to make some bar soap for family & friends for Christmas. I don't have time to make from scratch so bought 2lbs of Shea Butter REBATCH from a local soap shop. I plan on using candy cane FO and red dye (also...