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  1. Beth

    Essential oils price

    I need help... I used to buy a certified organic soap made with organic essential oils before I started to make my own. I used to pay $7 for each 3.05 oz bar for that organic soap. I was checking the price of organic essential oils (bulk price), and I don’t see how that company (a small...
  2. Beth

    Hello from Oregon

    Hello, I have been reading threads in most of the forums here for a while now, and I think it is time to make it official. Soapmaking is my new craziness, and as all of my crafts obsessions, I already spent more than I should in supplies. But it is the first time I use one of my crafts in the...
  3. Beth

    Andiroba oil

    I love reading all the posts in this website, and this is my first post. Soap-making is my last craft obsession, and like any other of my crafts obsessions, I already spent more money than I should. my last purchase was few Brazilian oils, and the Andiroba smells rancid and it is not yellowish...