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    Why has my soap white stripes?

    What lye calc did you use? :) I ran the recipe trough soap calc and the cleansing turned out to be 22 recommended is 12-22 so I can see that its a little high. And again it's not my recipe, i found it here: and she...
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    Why has my soap white stripes?

    Thanks for feedback! First of all, thank you for the feedback, it's been really helpful to me! :thumbup: Second I found this recipie on so it's not my own. I wanted to find good recipes without palm oil and this...
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    Why has my soap white stripes?

    Hi! :) I have been making some soap the last 6 months and it's an amazing hobby. I have signed up to join a marked in Bergen the 1 of june and since I first make the soap base, let it lie for 6 weeks and then melt it down again and add essential oils. I am so glad I found this forum...