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  1. CraftyRedhead

    Looking for a Spreadsheet

    Years ago when I came across the best screensheet ever for oils and their values. I've been referencing it forever, it was saved on my hard drive. And then my computer died. I came back looking for the spreadsheet, and while I think I found the post, all the links are expired and broken...
  2. CraftyRedhead

    Halloween soap!!

    Colored with mad oils micas, scented with tropical vacation from bb. I call it Monster Mash :)
  3. CraftyRedhead

    Making scrubs at craft fairs?

    I sell both soap and sugar scrubs at local craft fairs, but my scrubs never sell. Soap does, but the scrubs just sit there. It's funny, my Etsy page sells scrubs non-stop, but hardly sells any soap at all? So I'm thinking of master-batching both my regular and whipped scrubs (in separate bowls...
  4. CraftyRedhead

    Leaking Jars

    Hi! I haven't had this happen until this summer, but some of my sugar scrubs are actually leaking en route. I've got 4 ounce and 8 ounce jars, what kind of options do I have? I've been thinking about getting plastic bands with perforations, but don't know where to look. Husband said electrical...
  5. CraftyRedhead

    Scent dupe?

    I know it's a long shot, but.. Does anyone know how to replicate the dove cool essentials cucumber and green tea? I don't care if it's a cp scent or just good for other products, but it's my mom's favorite scent and I want to surprise her!
  6. CraftyRedhead

    First lotion bars

    Let me start by saying I've never actually used a lotion bar before. So I got curious, looked up a recipe and got to work. Here's what I did: 1 part shea butter 1 part cocoa butter 1 part white beeswax 1 part light oil (I did 1/2 grapeseed 1/2 avocado) I also added some FO, but I don't think I...
  7. CraftyRedhead

    Wanting to make a milk soap

    I've been making soap for quite a while, but always with water, tea or coffee. I've been scared of milks due to burning, overheating, spoiling, or being flaky. So in my research lately I've been seeing a couple different ways to make milk soaps: 1. Replace the water with milk completely. 2...
  8. CraftyRedhead

    Salt Bar Recipe

    I'm making my second batch of salt bars soon - wanted to bounce my recipe off of you all. I've made plenty of other soap recipes, but I can't trust the soapcalc numbers on this, so I'm a bit nervous. I'm looking at 80% CO, 10% OO, 5% castor, 5% grapeseed. I'm planning on 75% sea salt, 17%...
  9. CraftyRedhead

    Oils or butters for psoriasis

    Warning, this is long! My mom has had psoriasis her whole life, so my whole life I've watched her try different products to fight/fix it. I've been working on dead sea salt scrubs and soaps, but none have really done any better (or worse) than the expensive stuff she finds. At least mine is...
  10. CraftyRedhead

    Hawaiian lei

    First time using celestial colors.. I think I got the usage wrong. I was aiming for sky blue, lavender, light green and white. Oh well. Smells amazing and my swirls are improving, so I'm excited! I can't wait to cut it, it's my first real drop swirl :) Lots of pics, but you have to scroll...
  11. CraftyRedhead

    BB FO calculator question

    I'm having a brain fart here.. Does BB's FO calculator work for oil or total weight? I'm using 32oz oil and with water and lye the total weight is almost 50 - so it's a pretty huge difference in numbers. Obviously I haven't used their calc in a bit :(
  12. CraftyRedhead

    People scare me!!

    It's anyone else here also on the Facebook "cold process soap makers" page?? I've kept it on my news feed so I can see pretty soaps and get ideas, but here lately all the posts are about their first soap and selling?? I can't imagine wanting to sell my very first batch of soap??? Don't get me...
  13. CraftyRedhead

    Canola Oil...

    Sorry if this has been asked.. I can't seem to find it in the previous posts.. I made a few completely different recipes a while back and gave out samples of each. The favorite (by a landslide) was my cheapest recipe with a whopping 30% canola oil! So I went with it.. but the more I read about...
  14. CraftyRedhead

    Cucumber Puree Soap?

    I see the soaps for sale everywhere, and I've found tons of beautiful pictures on pinterest, but I can't find a recipe to save my life!! Okay, so I did find one recipe that involves 45% palm oil (which I don't use) but didn't explain how to incorporate the cucumber into the actual process. Does...
  15. CraftyRedhead

    Weird parchment paper conundrum

    I have a batch of soap that was made in shoebox lined with parchment paper. Somehow the soap made the parchment wrinkle underneath it and caused these lines on the bottom. This is a custom batch for a customer who wants these bars immediately (she knows that they are NOT ready for use for...
  16. CraftyRedhead

    Shea Butter from Soaper's Choice

    I found a 10 pound tub of shea butter on for $4.41/pound (when I add in shipping) which is the cheapest I've found. I did read on a post from 2010 that their shea was really gritty, but I'm not sure if that would even really matter. I'm using it for cp soap and whipped sugar...
  17. CraftyRedhead

    Parchment or Freezer?

    This is probably a stupid question, but which is better to line your molds with? I've only used parchment, but it seems like every time the paper wrinkles and leaves lines on the soap. It was the worst in my pvc mold, but I'm going to coat that with mineral oil next time. So I guess my question...
  18. CraftyRedhead

    Not sure what kind of swirl this is!

    I had a spare hour and for the first time in forever I found myself home alone.. so I had to make soap! I had a recipe set printed out and ready, so I quickly set up and got going. After mixing the color I realized I forgot to look up how to do the design. And by that, I mean ANY design! So I...
  19. CraftyRedhead

    Brand New to Everything! Kind of Long, advice needed!

    Hi! I'm ready to branch out and start selling sugar scrubs and salt scrubs, and I'm about ready to jump into the magical world of Etsy. I'm not looking to make any real money, just test the waters and get myself out there. I've got several great recipes, a name and a logo/label design. So I'm...
  20. CraftyRedhead

    First round soaps for me!

    First time using my pvc mold, so there's a few things I'll do differently next time.. but overall they don't look too bad. I poured too thick, it was starting to clump even as I was pouring, so even though I beat the mold to get the bubbles out, I still have a lot of little holes in my soap...