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    Perfume in lotion?

    I'm going to make some lotion and I can't seem to find a fragrance oil I like or an eo combo. I seem to be really picky. But I have a few perfumes I like. Could I put my perfume in the lotion or would the alcohol content ruin the recipe? Thanks for your input!
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    Coffee soap

    Usually I just use coffee in my morning grind soap but since I already had some to sell and wanted something different to put out on the table I put grinds in it this time. Lol. I seem to be having trouble posting. Here is the pic
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    Activated charcoal hockey pucks

    This is my favorite recipe. 22% cocoa butter and fragrance free. It's hard to tell in the picture but the edges have a little criss cross pattern just like a hockey puck.
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    Cutting hot process

    I made a batch of hot process castile last night. It's been about 16 hours since I put it into the mold. For cold process I usually wait 24 hours to cut. Do I need to wait that long for hot process, Will it make a difference?
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    Will my soap brown?

    I made an ambitious 3! Batches of soap today. By the third batch I ran out of the measuring cups I use to measure and mix my water and lye. So I grabbed this bowl that I thought was stainless steal. I finished making the soap. This one was hot process and went to wash the bowl and noticed a...
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    Oatmeal honey soap

    I love keeping my soap plain and simple. I made this oatmeal and honey bar a couple days ago. I also love that in my new Samsung I can add a watermark straight from the editing app. No more uploading to computer first and resizing in gimp then exporting as a different file type. This is so much...
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    I made this soap stamp

    I made these soap stamps using the 3D printer at my local library. Design and print took about 3 hours total. Cost me $4.50 for th pair. I think they look great :)
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    A little help

    I made this oatmeal honey soap yesterday. It has these little yellow/brown specs all over. I used colloidal oatmeal and it has always blended well. I've never used honey before but I've seen pictures of soap with honey and haven't seen these specs. I also used little bits of left over oil in my...
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    Nice to meet you

    Hello! I'm glad to be here. I recently quit facebook for more anonymity and lost all my soap groups with it. My reddit soap group just wasn't active enough, so here I am. I chose my name pametan because my brand name is pametan care. Pametan means smart in croatian, my family is croatian...
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    Hanging my table sign

    I want to share how I hang my logo sign on my craft table. This is how a lot of art/prints are hung in galleries. I bought some super magnets. I think they are called neodymium magnets. Cost me about $15.00 for 10 from a magnet website. Under the table clothes, there are three magnets taped...
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    diy COLLAPSABLE light box

    I made this with foam board from dollarama. Also got work lights there some flexible cell holder arms to hold them also from there. Cost about $20. Greatly improved my photos.