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    In need of prayer

    Just saw this...thanks for the updates. I'll be keeping your brother and the family in my thoughts.
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    Are any of you cord cutters?

    Last week I finally signed up for the Netflix trial. So far we're loving it. I'm still learning how to navigate it and have stumbled across some great shows. The only thing I miss about commercials is potty breaks and quick household chores!
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    Mica oil swirl

    What oil do you use? My friend that taught me the soaping basics did a mica in oil swirl like that but over a year later the mica is still easy to rub off. Most of it washes off with the first use. I'm not sure what oil she used.
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    Poppy seeds in soap

    DH's Grandmother was Czech so I had to learn to make kolaches. I like them but do think they are an acquired taste! I love the looks of poppyseed soap but haven't tried it yet. I also had the question of whole or ground. Same with some cranberry seeds I got as a freebie from some supplier.
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    1. Jade-15 - voted 2. Snappyllama - voted 3. BlackDog - voted 4. Wildcraft Garden - voted 5. mintle - voted, thank you, I couldnt make up my mind because so many of them look great! 6. topofmurrayhill - voted 7. LP voted 8. Newbie-voted 9. Judiraz- voted 10 JuneP - voted (wished I could have had...
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    I'm not going to have an entry after all. I've got bronchitis and have been either sleeping or coughing for 3 weeks! But I have truly enjoyed everyone's tries and entries and have actually learned a I usually do with the challenges.
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    So happy today!!

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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    Some of the best rejects I've ever seen! I'm not gonna get mine done in time. I spent the weekend in and out of the ER with this chest crud and just don't have the energy to get it done. I don't know though, soaping under the influence of these drugs may turn out spectacular!
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I'm fighting the winter crud. Can't breath, coughing and everything hurts. I won't be soaping this weekend but I'm enjoying everyone's efforts.
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    Cranberry seeds as an exfoliant?

    I got some cranberry seeds as a freebie from somewhere and wondered how 'scrubbie' they would be. Never thought about grinding them up.
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    Storing Activated Charcoal

    I bought these and was disappointed that they don't have these little caps to seal them. I've been saving the small squeeze bottles honey comes in and plan to use those.
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    I got my AC yesterday. Even though the jar was sealed, there was still dust on everything in the box...what a mess! Makes me really glad I didn't try to grind any myself. Got alot going on the next couple of day but hope to get a first attempt done by this weekend.
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    Exactly what I was thinking! Very cool!
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    My other Crafts

    These are the butterfly.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Picked up a 4lb bucket of Amour brand lard at Wally World this morning. If read several places here that lard is slow tracing, plus I've been wanting to try it since lots say it's a favorite. The AC I ordered should be here tomorrow so hopefully I'll be making my challenge soap soon.
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    Thanks, Newbie, for posting your video again.
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    I've been pretty diligent about not stickblending too much, at least I think so. YouTube videos from all over the place that have been watched, notes taken from here, etc. have taught me alot. But I can definitely stand to watch Newbie's videos again! Carabou...I love yours! I hear what you're...
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    Neat looking crochet pattern...

    Thanks for the link. I've knitted the waffle stitch for several things but have never done it in crochet. I'm always looking for a neat washcloth stitch. Good luck at Michaels! Be sure and show us pics of what yours looks like.
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    I'll admit right up front that these challenges intimidate me! Even everyone's rejects look good to me. But that's part of the reason to do them. So far, my biggest challenge of them all has been to get batter thin enough to do anything with it. On the last challenge I did, I soaped at room temp...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    My name is Deedles and it's been 74 days since I soaped! I've been fighting allergies and a chest cold for what seems forever with our weather, so I haven't done much at all. I got an impulse sealer for my birthday so today I finally got all my soap shrink wrapped. My curing shelves are empty...