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  1. Ruthie

    Is this DOS?

    Thankfully I have never had to deal with DOS- well until now, maybe. I'm in the process of labeling soaps that were made some time ago, back before my ulnar nerve problem. This one is from 12-2014. Are these spots DOS? They were on the shelf under a rather messy rebatch, a mixture of scraps...
  2. Ruthie

    Coffee candles?

    I have not made candles in years. But I do make soap including some for the local coffee shop. I also get all their grounds, most of which go on my garden. I just saw this, and am considering suggesting something like this to the owner, but I thought it might be wise to run it by the expert...
  3. Ruthie

    Additional scent when rebatching

    I have rebatched a soap that ended up with too much peppermint e.o. That was a painful experience but did tame down the soap. (Live and learn.) Since then I haven't thought much about scent with rebatch. Now I have a Christmas scented one that accelerated so quickly that I ended up with...
  4. Ruthie

    guerrilla gardening

    The only hobby that even competes with soap making (at least for me) is gardening. My latest side- interest is Guerrilla Gardening, that is planting in abandoned and neglected areas. It evidently started in New York City and quickly spread to London. I first learned about it through Ron...
  5. Ruthie

    another newbie ?? re: emulsifiers

    A recipe I'm working with uses both an e wax and cetyl alcohol. I was thinking they do much the same thing in a recipe: namely emulsify and soften. If that is true, however, I'm guessing we would not need both. Please clarify, as with all I've read, I don't see the difference, at least as far...
  6. Ruthie

    well I goofed but good (scrub recipe)

    I'm fairly new at making sugar/coffee scrubs. As a matter of fact this experiment was my first attempt using both preservative and e wax. I sit down to complete my notes on what I did and realize my recipe called for only 10 gr. e wax and I used 120- the same as my sugar! I know I've...
  7. Ruthie

    interesting link/soap recipe

    Found this on Facebook. I'm not that "into" smudging, but thought it was interesting so that is why I'm posting the link. Disclaimer: As with any online recipe, be safe and run it through a lye calculator...
  8. Ruthie

    Quote for my friends-

    I have always thought of Christmas time, when it has come round, as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable time; the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they...
  9. Ruthie

    Deer tallow

    Within the last few days, I read *somewhere* (maybe on FB) that you can't sell soap containing wild animal fats. Is that true? Or is that a regulation in just certain states/nations? I never heard it before and just got my first deer fat to render. Thanks!
  10. Ruthie

    haven't HP in forever...

    It has been close to 15 years since I did HP, I think. But I have an order for additional bars (of a certain fragrance) to be delivered before Christmas. I can't afford to mess up, as this is the last of a discontinued fragrance. The CP bars of the same fragrance have a bit of a layered...
  11. Ruthie

    Holly Berry

    I'm so sad! BB has discontinued their Holly Berry fo. Looking back on my old notes I see they did say it was going to happen, but I did not stay on top of that. Now I have- or should I say soon won't have- a fragrance that my customers LOVE and I can't get more. This has happened before. I...
  12. Ruthie

    Daryl (and any others interested)

    Daryl, I love your avatar. Thought you might want to know it is available in a T-shirt- long and short sleeve. I plan on ordering one!
  13. Ruthie

    White circles around exfoliate

    Made coffee soap with added coffee grounds for the local coffee shop. The log with the espresso looks good, but the coarser grind has developed these funky looking spots around the little pieces of the grounds. It is only on the sides of the log that were exposed to air. The side sitting on...
  14. Ruthie

    breast milk soap

    I know it has been discussed before. But it was on the local 4 p.m. news today. The story said a pregnant lady first started making it for herself to help her skin. Now she makes it for other people, too. They provide their own milk and she uses it to make them soap. Her name is Paula De'Amore...
  15. Ruthie

    coffee for soap

    A friend owns a coffee shop and has started carrying my coffee soap. She has offered to save leftover coffee and grounds, but since I use 4X coffee in my soaps, I turned it down. Then I began thinking, since I simmer down my beer for beer soap, could I do the same with coffee? I know it would...
  16. Ruthie

    Back to work!

    I teach in public school, and today is our first day! What ever happened to starting in September?!! Each year it is one day earlier, supposedly because of how the days of the week fall, but soon we will be going in July! Maybe not, though. There are discussions going on about lengthening...
  17. Ruthie

    Negative Ads

    Forewarning: this is a vent! ! Here in Oklahoma we are scheduled to have primary elections next week. I take my privilege to vote seriously, and spend time learning about the candidates and their views. But there is one turn-off that makes it difficult to give a candidate a fair hearing...
  18. Ruthie

    placemat to line wood mold

    Any tutorials or suggestions for making a lining for a wooden mold from a placemat? I know I've read posts about doing that, but can't find them now. I'm guessing since they do not fold easily I'll have to cut each section and use duct tape to hold the pieces together. Thanks!
  19. Ruthie

    slick shower

    I've been experimenting with sugar scrubs, looking for that "I love it" recipe. I also have some friends testing. Two of the three have mentioned them making a slick shower. Having a wonderful shower mat in my shower, I had not noticed a problem, though it had crossed my thoughts. Now I am...
  20. Ruthie

    oils for scrub

    Khanjari's thread "first body scrub" got me to wondering- what are your favorite oils for a moisturizing scrub- and why?