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    Petroleum Jelly

    J&J Baby Oil is mineral oil.
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    Lard VS Tallow?

    Lard is rendered pig fat. Tallow is rendered fat from any animal other than a pig. No, the terms are not interchangeable.
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    Balsam Peru in CP Soapmaking

    resins need to be broken up as small as you can and infused in warm oil.
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    Silicone Spray to line wooden mold?

    what kind of silicone spray is this and what is it made for? I have silicone spray but would never use it anywhere around soap as it smells like gasoline.
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    Mama Mia!

    The movie did justice to the stage play. Good job.
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    Tried out my new dryer this weekend....

    Nice invention and even moreso that it works.
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    How to do soap with sculpted / textured tops???

    IT ISnot really necessary to pour at thick trace. That may cause you to have air pockets. You can pour at medium trace and let it set in the mold for a while to thicken and then do your thing with it
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    Fractionated coconut oil problem

    I am ssorry I read wrongl
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    Help me find mold/mould plan for my wife!

    Thats even better I did not see this before my reply. Thank you.
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    Help me find mold/mould plan for my wife!

    Very easy directions on lower portion of this page:
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    50 lb cube of palm kernel from Soapers Choice

    a pointed chefs knfe and start on the outside. Put the pont in and tap with your hand. Its not as bad as you think
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    Have I failed? Help needed.

    If you are just beginning to make soap I would suggest working in much smaller sample batches. 1 pound total oils.
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    Where is the informatin about your project. I want to send to friend who is interested.
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    rebatch question

    Totaly correct. Any soap can be a rebatch base. That is just a term that people who are selling it use. Some people do not make there own soap from scratch and rely on others making bases. Same thing.
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    Soap Weight

    "When Sold" is the key word in that article. Do you list water as ingredient?
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    Soap Weight

    Net Weight is the weight of the finished product minus the packaging. Why would you only use the wieght of the oils.
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    Does any one use lanolin?

    How much did you use. It is very nice in small quantity.
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    Soap Weight

    Do you have a link to verify that information?
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    What is wrong w/ these?

    They just look like soy looks with some fragrance and color. My only concern would be that wicks are very off center.
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    Rebatch Question

    Rebatch is like hot process and is safe to use right out of the mold. Drying on shelf will extend the life of the saop but it is pervectly safe to use.