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    Question about Labeling?

    So I made a Green Tea & Activated Charcoal Soap and my friend is interested in purchasing. I boiled water, added real green tea, and a day later when I made soap added it to my soap base. My question is, how I include green tea in the label? Do I just put... "Water with Green Tea" or just...
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    When using raw honey in soap, are you limiting your color options?

    I want to make a honey and oatmeal soap but after reading and watching soap making videos, I realized that a majority of them do not bother to color their soap. Yes I agree that it has a nice light brown color, but what if I wanted to make my soaps more colorful? Use bright yellow or white or...
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    Can I sprinkle dry green tea on top of my soap for decoration?

    I'm making an unscented green tea soap with activated charcoal (yay!). I infused green tea in boiling water and put it in the freezer overnight. I was wondering if I can sprinkle some dry green tea on the top of my soap as decoration? What I'm really worried about is it becoming moldy, either...
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    I want to make a soap with honey, will it volcano?

    I want to make an unscented soap with oatmeal and organic honey. I've read that 1 tablespoon per pound of oil is rule of thumb when doing so, but I have never added any sugars to my recipe before and I'm scared that it might volcano. I'm trying to make a 4 pound batch. My mold gets pretty hot...
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    Adding Coconut Milk?

    My recipe includes 18.86% Coconut Oil, and I'm worried that adding coconut milk will be too drying to the skin (since I heard too much coconut can irritate skin). What do you guys think? Should I use another type of milk?
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    Help... someone sent me a message and I don't know how to reply xD

    Someone sent me a message here through the forum. I clicked reply, wrote something down and submit but it didn't show up and nothing happened. So I rewrote the message again, submitted, and it still did not show in our conversation message. Is it not suppose to show up? Does it only show up...
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    Happy Valentines Day :)

    That's all I wanted to say. I hope everyone has a lovely day!
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    My hanger failed me so I grabbed a spoon

    ... and im so happy with the result of my Lavender Paradise Soap! I usually stick to light, pastel colors but I think this one needed to be bolder. I hope you guys like it :)
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    My Valentines Soaps

    This is my collection of soaps for Valentines Day! Just wanted to share :P Sorry if the picture is too big I don't quite know how to resize it :(
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    Do I need a thicker...hanger? For my swirls?

    The bent a hanger in order to do my swirls in my 4 pound mold. It's pretty thin and I think it's okay but my swirls never stray too far from the color so I don't get the wispy swirls I see everyone else get with their soap. For the pink soap I made for Valentines Day, I added the colors in...
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    Pink Hamalayan Salt on CP?

    I have a question I hope I can have some help with. I've made CP soap and sprinkled Pink Hamalayan Salt on the top. Left it for 24 hours, cut the soap (came out fine), but after a few days I feel like my soap is crying. I did not use any embeds so I know it is not glycerin tears... I noticed...
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    Listing Ingredients... help?

    I'm just organizing how I list my ingredients in descending order of predominance. But I have a question... it might sound silly. I purchased 1 pound of clear melt and pour and 1 pound of white melt and pour from a company and they have their own list of ingredients. I want to add embeds to my...
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    The Clean-Up: How to properly clean Lye container for reuse?

    How do you clean the container you mixed lye and water in safely and properly so that the container can be reused?
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    Yellow Liquid on top of my soap?

    I've made the same batch before with the same ingredients-- the only thing I did different was discount 2 oz of oil from my recipe, separated it into two cups and mixed in two different colors. Afterwards I separated my batch in half, added colors in, the scent, and poured it into the mold. Am...
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    Is my recipe considered "vegan?"

    Ingredients I use are the following: olive oil, coconut oil (76), avocado oil, castor oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, water, lye, fragrance Colorants I use are from TKB Trading that states they do not do animal testing, and the fragrance I use are from WholeSalesupply plus...
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    Feeling Discouraged

    I have made 3 successful batches of soap. I usually do one batch a day but since I'm pressed for time and I wanted to try to sell them around Valentines Day I decided to do two batches in one day. And that's when hell happened. All I did was double my batch size, mixed more than usual since it...
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    Advantage to Fragrances with high vanilla content?

    This is my first post here and I am still familiarizing myself with the site so I profoundly apologize if this question has been asked before but I really need help :oops: I'm using cold process method. Today I made a 4 lb batch using 2.8 ounces of fragrance oil that had a 7% vanilla content...