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    beer + lye = stinks!!! Help~~

    I may have been impatient.. I boiled then freezed my beer but did not wait until it was fully frozen but rather slushy. I put in the lye, not very slowly, and the lye melted rather quickly. However, the color is orangey and a bit foamy. I read about turning orange so maybe that is ok. But...
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    Cocoa butter --> go with deodorized or non-deodorized?

    I want to get cocoa butter for the first time and been searching around and found out there are some options. I narrowed it down to "natural/unrefined" but got stuck in the smell. How strong are the natural, undeodorized cocoa butters smell? I see some people like the natural chocolatey...
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    Recommendation for heat proof plastic container?

    Hi, I recently shattered 2 of my pyrex glass jar when making lye water. So I want to try with plastic. I was being careful when mixing the two but after my second break, I don't want to use the glassware anymore. Can you recommend good plastic that can withstand harsh lye water without...
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    Flashpoint temp marking -> F or C ?

    Hello, I recently bought a fragrance oil and there was no indication of the flash point on the online store so I asked them. They replied back with the answer which was 103 C. (I bought Arabian white musk FO) I questioned back if the temp was 103 Fahrenheit and not Celsius but they replied...
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    How much to cut the base?? How can you know?

    Hi, I am not so used to M&P and want to know how much I would need to cut for my mold. I have several silicone molds I want to use for my M&P but they are all different in sizes and shapes. I don't want to cut up too many pieces and let them be wasted, or I don't want to have shortage in order...
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    Help! Oil is too hot!!

    I was melting my coconut and palm oil to a liquid form and while they were on the stove, I was working on my lye water. But I left the oils on the stove although I turned it off it was still very hot and I started to hear sizzling sound. sob~~ I tried to cool it down but still the temp was 230F...
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    44oz batch, 2oz FO --> too small?

    First I tried with 1 oz of Arabian Musk FO, but after HP-ing there is no musk smell left in my soap. So next I kept going up and now it's 2.10 oz and still not many smell left. For 44 oz batch, how much FO do I have to put in in order to keep the scent smelling as it should? It doesn't have to...
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    Olive oil vs Olive Pomace

    When you use Olive Pomace for olive oil, do you write Olive Pomace or just Olive Oil as the recipe you used? Is there big difference in these two oils? Would it be false description if I put Olive oil instead of Olive Pomace? There is a big price difference so if there is not much difference...
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    Is Red Palm oil same as regular palm oil?

    I need to buy some Palm oil but I saw some saying Red Palm. Are these two the same thing? Can I use Red Palm oil like I would with regular Palm oil? Thank you!!
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    why did my soap go brown like the picture?

    I made this soap (CP) with mixing in poppy seeds. But after I took it out from the mold and started curing, the soap turned this brownish orange. It started changing color as it was curing and the soap is very ugly and I still don't know what caused this. My oils are just regular ones Olive...
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    Does all charcoal soap make grey lather and has black leave-behinds?

    I made soap with activated charcoal and to test it, the lather was grey and had some black charcoal powders being left in the sink. It was easily washed off but my concern is, is this normal? I haven't used charcoal soap before (store-bought ones) so I have no idea if the professionally made...
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    Why can't I make white colored HP soaps!!!

    :cry::cry: I wanted to make white or at least ivory like color with HP. But it only came out tan, a dark ugly tan that is. Whilst I was stirring after turning the heat off, the color was really tan-like so I mixed in the white oxide (it's the only white I had in hand at the moment). That...
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    When rebatching, can i combine 2-3 different batches together?

    Can I add several different soap batches which has different ingredients, EOs etc together and rebatch? I have 2-3 want-to-fix soap batches but the quantity isn't that much so I was wondering if I can mix those together and get a one big batch and don't have any problems. Thank you!
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    Rebatch using charcoal to change color possible?

    Hello and thanks in advance for any replies/comments. I made a HP soap and am in disgust with the color. It is greyish, limeish weird color and I just don't like it. So instead of trying to use the soap I looked up and found there is rebatching! So when I rebatch, if I add the activated...
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    Calendula petals - use or not?

    Calendula whole stem etc - use or not? Hi, as a beginner in soap making I have a lot to learn. I just received my new pack of dried whole calendulas. I know I will use the petals to spread on top or grind them and use on my soaps but do I grind the whole flower with the stems etc too? I...
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    first timer with HP soap question

    Hi, I made my first batch of Hot Process soap with Honey & Oatmeal. I just cut the soap and found these white blobs(?) here and there in the middle. (Please see attached picture. Kind of looks like white choc chip in oatmeal cookie) I never got them with Cold process so I am very confused. I...