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    Vinegar for lye solution

    Never used vinegar, but I think your lye concentration will be a bigger factor on unmolding (if I recall correctly). I use 40% lye concentration and have to unmold and cut fairly fast (within 8-12 hrs max). It hardens much faster than 33% lye concentration.
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    SoapCalc and what about temperature of oils and lye while mixing?

    I use a metal stainless steel bowl directly on the stove and heat til completely melted. I keep it warm enough to remain liquid, but cool enough to touch. I also use a stainless steel bowl for lye/water. I leave that in the sink til the bottom of the bowl is completely cool to the touch. So long...
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    Old user New Challenges

    Thank you! I did Soapers Choice I'm almost certain, and was already at nearly 100$ for what I needed while shopping (new website from the past i think, however). I normally do my 1 lb loaf, but I was thinking of doing my TS which was 12 bars I believe??? Need to break out my notes! I'll check...
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    Old user New Challenges

    Awesome on Deeanna! I don't blame you! It stinks horribly. Like a dead animal stink. I have had my kids run around yelling about the stench (with reason). That said, I may do it again Mua haa haa!
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    Old user New Challenges

    We were close at one time (for being states apart lol). I miss her. I still have her gifts on my dresser from when she went to South America. Miss her (and soaping!). No challenges yet hehe! I need to reacquaint myself first:/ I typed it on my phone. Digital age and all that. January is 1200...
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    Old user New Challenges

    Aww. I made a vision board for the year (never heard of one before bit I'm trying it). I'm making appx 6 batches at least and lotion again. I will definitely check out the IFRA usages. I still have fo's that are decent, and I plan to get a couple more. Hugs!!! Is newbie still here? She is awesome.
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    Old user New Challenges

    Dibble!!! I'm so sorry I checked out of the challenges. Life got the better of me. I *think* it was soapers choice. BB and NG were my goto for FO's (and American Supply CO for my TS mold). I missed you all so much!
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    Old user New Challenges

    I haven't been here for ages. I decided I'll make appx 6 batches again this yr. I have to purchase new supplies, and for the life of me I can NOT remember where I got pko, sweet almond oil, castor, etc. I am thinking with price hikes it'll be pricey (compared to back in 2014-2017). Thx:)
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    Milk soap curdled/volcanoes

    Rancid oils have an off smell, floaties, or color changes with smell. I havent soaped in a long time, but it looks to be getting way too hot. I always left milk soaps in a freezer for at the very least 12 hours. After pulling it out, I'd feel for heating (my molds are silicone and you can feel...
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    SMF January 2020 Challenge Signup thread - Book Inspired

    Omg, I love your challenge theme! I've been under the weather and my family decided to fall apart a week before Thanksgiving (not horrible, just injuries and illness), I havent made more soap. I wish I could've entered my dragon (GOT) from great cakes challenge yrs ago! Ahh! I've read so many...
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    What am I messing up?

    I can honestly say every GM soap I have made I freeze for at least 12, no more than 24 hours. Then I pull it out and refrigerate it on and off every 2 to 4 hours to see if it is overheating. I am in Texas and it is always hot lol. I do this and just always avoided gel phase with GM because it...
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    SMF October 2019 Challenge - Mini Drops Swirl

    I just logged back in here dibbles, today. It is so ironic. My bday was yesterday and I finally got the opportunity to make my 1st soap in a year (or was it 2 years?) yesterday. It was this technique lol! Of course I used 40% lye concentration (old habits die hard), and it accelerated. It isnt...
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    Hi guys!

    Oh Irish...I have had so many bad dreams about high school I shudder at the thought! I have a few bottles of fos that (I assume) due to temp and weather changes (gotta love Texas but dad gum the unpredictability of it all) have managed to deflate on themselves and....well....I will post a pic...
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    Hi guys!

    Hey Carolyn. Missed ya girl. Hope things are getting better with your fam (((hugs))).
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    Hi guys!

    Omg lsg and howieroll! I KNEW there were tons of good people I missed! Thx for the welcome back :)
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    Hi guys!

    Nice to meet you too runnerchicki! I ran, when I was 16 (yrs ago), and would love to try it again. Another hobby! Unfortunately with joints like a broken toy nowadays I'd probably injure myself!
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    Hi guys!

    Hey dibbles! I feel bad for cutting out, but life happened. I have so may fos going nuts in my closet, it is unreal! I'm thinking my first batch will be a redo of one I sent in a swap with eos. Those puppies still have a delicious scent yrs later and good bubbles to boot. I can not believe the...
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    Hi guys!

    Probably was. I used to get fat trimmings from a grocery store and render it. It STINKS! The fam complained, and I couldn't blame them. I switched to lard because of it. *Nauseating* Hopefully it helped you. I forgot, is Susie still here??? If so Hi!!!!!!!
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    Hi guys!

    So...I'm a recovering soap addict. I've been soap free for appx 2 yrs (maybe?). I used to be on here a ton and helped host the challenges. Life caught up with me, and I had to redirect my focus. Since it was a hobby, soap took a backseat. Actually, it was kicked to the curb. I had problems...
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    Thanksgiving...bah humbug.

    Open that wine (I won't tell), and hopefully they won't show. If they do, they eat the foods you prepared, or they don't eat! I've got a gaggle of kids, very picky and finicky, and I've NEVER TOLD a host/hostess what I need them to prepare. I figure out what IS prepared, and bring extras for the...