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    Goatmilk egg and lanolin facial soap Buttermilk rosemary 80% lard 20% hemp with hemp flour. I am loviiiinngg this one, so creamy.. They are my personal stash Dead sea mud, sea kelp, activated charcoal Mini cakes
  2. seven

    S o a p s

    A couple of basic ones: First time using alkanet root. Scented with lavender eo. Color and scent don't match at all i am going to leave the mica messy as it is for once. Plain jane goat milk
  3. seven

    Christmas hampers

    Although i dont celebrate christmas, but end of the year is always a busy season (weddings esp.). I planned to make a gingerbread house soap which ended up as: a plan. Didnt make anything fancy this year.. Just these 2 sets (coz i already bought the chinese takeaway boxes since last year )...
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    Exploring natural colorants: ground black rice, indigo, alkanet, saffron Betel leaf soap Victorian style guest sized soaps
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    Sharing some photography tips

    I like instant things and couldn't be bothered taking out my slr and the tripod and so on... I also play a lot on instagram, so i prefer click-edit-post... Investing in a lightbox is quite useful. Mine was a cheap one (40 bucks, 75x75cm, i can even sit in there!). That was my setup for the...
  6. seven

    Natural colorants for ls

    Has anyone tried? If so, please share... Been thinking to make betel leaf ls and i want it green. Thinking of infused parsley or adding spirulina to the oils. Yay or nay?
  7. seven

    Latest soaps

    Lemongrass Olive Leaf & Lemon Myrtle Goatmilk & Calendula Lavender & Goatmilk
  8. seven

    New soaps

    Triple milk and manuka honey castile Carrot and goatmilk Lard and hemp with hemp flour Last but not least: Epic fail castile same batch as the 1st one pictured just different mold. I have no idea what went on, lol
  9. seven

    New packaging

    So, i got bored and decided to do a more eco friendly packaging. The pouch is reusable (think potpourri, makeup pouch.. Keys? ) And some bastille with calendula, gm, and oats for kids
  10. seven

    Facebook Photo of The Week on Soapqueen Very happy :) thanks for looking! Thank you too to this forum, i learned A LOT from you guys!
  11. seven

    New toys are here!

    And this is one of them on my charcoal soap: Karma: dont let it bites you in the a*$
  12. seven

    Castiles and a couple of custom soaps

    Triple milk castile 3 variants of castile Vetiver scented custom Another custom Thanks for looking!
  13. seven

    A craziness in my country: private (illegal) adoption ended up with an 8 yr o...

    To sum up, a 3 day old baby was 'adopted' by an indonesian woman and her expat husband in denpasar, bali, from a couple who couldn't pay for her birth (which is only 80 bucks). A year ago or so, the expat dad passed away. The child was reported missing a month ago and recently found buried in...
  14. seven

    It's been a while.. Few new soaps

    As always, a self confessed stamp addict, lol Thanks for looking!
  15. seven

    The key to making low sweat mp

    calling all soapers who made their own base :D i live in hot and humid climate, therefore, a ls base is a MUST for me, otherwise i'm screwed. before, i came to the conclusion that glycerin is the key to ls, but lately i was reading around ingredient lists for ls base, and it seems that i...
  16. seven

    Soap favor

    tomorrow there will be a lil get together to pray for my upcoming wedding next week. i'm giving the guests a thank you gift consisting of 4 guest soaps packed in a white box. now, the maker of the box had it all wrong with the measurements, so i gotta put some shredded tissue paper inside...
  17. seven

    The tallow debate

    Does it clog pores? Does it not? Been reading mixed reviews. I am using it to replace palm in my facial soap formulation, and so far so good. My skin is prone to blackheads, and i didn't notice any funky stuff using my soap. Did it say something?
  18. seven

    Ground pumice

    I'm thinking of using ground (fine) pumice for the first time (for a foot soap). how much should i begin with if i wanted to create a medium scrubby soap that's meant for foot? TIA!
  19. seven

    Whats wrong with this picture?

    Pls share your thoughts :)
  20. seven

    Hair mask

    Here in my country, we have a popular hair treatment called creambath. Basically, you slathered hair treatment that feels lotion-y all over your head and massage it. Is it basically a lotion?