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  1. sunfloweracres

    Has anyone made Salt Bars with Beer?

    I am trying a batch tonight. I have made shampoo bars with Dark Side Vanilla Porter beer, Wheat Germ, and Bayberry FO that are my best seller so far, and have made a couple batches of salt bars with water, Red oxide, and Honey Almond FO (they smell like Cherry!). Tonight I am experimenting with...
  2. sunfloweracres

    Pink Salt Bars, Honey Almond

    Just made a small batch of salt bars, I am almost out of Lye. After this I will be making more, maybe light Green to use up the Christmas oxide I have. I used the oven method so was able to use one right away (after testing pH)! Recipe I used: 12.8 Coconut oil 2.4 Canola oil (it called for...
  3. sunfloweracres

    Pringles cans may be reused

    I never buy Pringles, to much salt, but went out and bought a can of them to use as a mold for shampoo bars. I was hoping it could be used more than once because I have heard you need to peel the can off to get the soap out. So I lined it with waxed paper, cut a circle for the bottom and it...
  4. sunfloweracres

    Christmas HP soap, finally!

    Seems like it took forever to find the prefect Christmas fragrances, but I ended up with Bayberry fo in the bottom, Cinnamon eo in the top layer, and oxides for color. Oh, and Gold Mica on top. I really like the smell of these. Also, since I was running out of time I made these with the hp crock...
  5. sunfloweracres

    HP soap turned Pink-twice, what happened?

    Since I tried using Palm oil in hp crock pot soap 2 batches have turned Pink/Grey. Does anyone know why this happened? I liked the first batch, but it is getting annoying. :roll: The shampoo bars I make in the crock pot never turn Pink, but they do not contain Palm oil. Is that the problem?
  6. sunfloweracres

    Gold Mica and Sunflower Soaps~This is addicting!

    Here are a few pictures of my soaps. I just started soaping a few months ago and want to try everything:) I couldn't believe you could buy 24 kt Gold mica to dust the tops with, so of course I had to try some.
  7. sunfloweracres

    Trouble Shooting

    Thank you maiseycat! I was lucky, the first 25 or so batches all turned out (yeah, I'm addicted), until I put to much Tea Tree oil in hp shampoo bars. Woah, oil was seeping, I was blotting, yuk! A lesson learned. I saw your blog and wishlist. You have some fun soaps on you list. Be super...
  8. sunfloweracres

    Hi, Is this AA for soapmakers? lol

    My name is Dianne and I am addicted to soapmaking! I am new to SMF, and fairly new to making soap. The first cp batch I made was on 9/20/12, and 21 batches of cp, and 7 of hp shampoo bars later I still want to learn and make more. I have been making/selling natural skin care products for 7-8...