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  1. Greg Hartman

    Soap is crumbly

    I tried a hot process recipe the other day. The soap lathers up and feels wonderful on your skin, but it’s pretty soft and a little crumbly. I looked up hot process tutorials and they basically said to heat up the oils in a Crock Potr, add lye/water mix and stir until it starts to show traces...
  2. Greg Hartman

    Transparent soaps: Melt and pour or DIY?

    My wife is a massage therapist and wants to have some soaps to offer clients. She's interested in trying a transparent soap. Is it worth the time to do it from scratch or are the melt and pour kits a good option?
  3. Greg Hartman

    Bentonite didn't dissolve

    I made some shaving soap and the recipe includes bentonite: 2 tsp. in about 3 lbs. of soap. I was following a tutorial for the recipe and it said it doesn't matter when you add the bentonite, so I added it to the oils just before I added the lye/water mixture. I figured it would get mixed it...
  4. Greg Hartman

    Help! Soap has a weird consistency

    I made a batch of honey soap using the recipe below. The soap came out great: It lathers up really well; it’s moisturizing and it smells wonderful. The issue is that the soap isn’t very hard. If you squeeze a bar it’s the consistency of a room-temperature chunk of caramel. Is that to be...