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  1. K

    Big Lots Sale

    For those of you in the states who live near a Big Lots, this weekend is their 20% off everything sale. I picked up CO, 102 oz size, for $9.20 ea. I think they do this sale 2-3 times a year so I keep my eye out for it just to stock up on CO!
  2. K

    Everyone in California OK?

    I hope all So Cal SMF members, family and friends are okay after the earthquakes. We heard from my cousin who lives in Ridgecrest (basically the epicenter) is okay as well as her family & neighbors. But another big one hit about an hour ago and I haven't heard anything more from her. We live...
  3. K

    My NOT Seascape Soaps

    I was pretty bummed about the July challenge being NOT seascape since I just made 96 of them! My beautiful, smart, talented and very giving sister, Valerie, is getting married after almost 20 yrs being single! The wedding is at the end of July and is a beach theme. All guests are encouraged...
  4. K

    Strange LS Behavior

    I made my normal bastile LS paste using 80% OO & 20% castor, 2% SF. Added KOH to half the water, added the other half as glycerin. All went as usual through the cook and dilution. Nice clear finished soap in the end. I divided off 16 oz/454 gms of soap to scent so mixed 5 gms PS80 with 10 gms...
  5. K

    That Blasted Eucalyptus Spearmint

    So far I've tried 4 different suppliers and all have riced like no other. I've also used an EO blend of eucalyptus and spearmint, which behaved beautifully, but faded away after several weeks. Today I had to quickly change my design plan to be able to SB the crap (in the form of rice) out of it...
  6. K

    Peak Going Out of Business

    I got this email from Peak today: "This is a difficult announcment for me to make. Over the course of the next month and a half, I will be closing down Peak Fragrances. The time has come for me to move on. I thank you for your support over the years. It’s been a pleasure serving all of our...
  7. K

    Labeling Beer & Wine Soap

    Do you put the brand and type of beer or wine on your labels? I usually do but I just received several bottles of wine with only a couple of ounces in each that a local wine bar wants soap made out of. Since I'll simmer down several different reds then several different whites, I'm not sure what...
  8. K

    In the Eye of the Beholder

    You know how you cut a bar of soap and you see silly things pop out at you from the design? It reminds me of looking at Rorschach Blots; everyone sees something different. Here are a few from batches I cut this week: 1st-A lady's backside 2nd-Owl's face 3rd-Twin owls 4th-A Toucan. When I saw...
  9. K

    What's Up With Ecosoya?

    I've been trying to find my favorite wax melt soy wax from Ecosoya but I can't find it anywhere! Then I read they're reformulating some of their products. Has anyone read about this? I really like the Ecosoya CB/PB blend for my wax melts because I got no frosting as opposed to every other...
  10. K

    Soap For People With a Corn Allergy

    I was at our annual Home & Garden show last weekend and was approached by a lady who recently developed a severe sensitivity to corn. She told me she's lost 25 lbs in the last 2 months because there's so little she can eat that isn't contaminated by corn. She asked if my soap included corn. I...
  11. K

    Adding Sugar When Using Wine/Beer/Purees?

    I started adding sugar to my recipes about 6 months ago and love the lather. Today I'm making beer and wine soap and wondering if the sugar is necessary or smart. Since beer, wine and fruit/veggie purees already have natural sugars, is the extra a good idea? Do I run the risk of a lye volcano by...
  12. K

    Welcome My Newest Family Member!

    I haven't been very active in the 6 weeks or so because I've been busy waiting for the birth of 1st grandchild! Meet Emma Noelle. She was born on Dec 31st at 11:45 pm. 9 lbs, 1 oz, and perfectly beautiful! I zoomed up to Denver on Dec 27th after shooing 29 people out of my house on Christmas...
  13. K

    Shaving Soap SF Preferences?

    I'm planning to make another batch of shaving soap in the next week or so. I've only made 2 so this is another experiment. For those of you who use shaving soap, what SF level do you prefer? I usually use 3% SF in my regular CP recipes but keep reading about a 5% SF in shave soap recipes. Is...
  14. K

    Pumpkin FO, no spice. Is it possible to find?

    Hi all my SMF friends! I've been a bit absent lately. So many things have popped in to my life that needed my attention, all not so good, so I've been an emotional wreck. I see the light at the end of the tunnel though, so I'm praying we get a break from heartache. I was recently at Trader...
  15. K

    How Do You Warm RT Lye Solution?

    I'm toying with the idea of master-batching my lye but I don't soap at room temp. What's the easiest way to warm the lye solution? In the past I've had my lye cool more than I like so put it in a sink of hot water. If it's not too cool (less than 10* from where I want it) I warm the oils a bit...
  16. K

    Advice Needed for Soapy Speech

    I've been asked by one of our local gardening clubs to give a short talk on the use of plants in soap. All of the members of this club are also certified master gardeners so these guys really know their plants. The talk is only 15-20 min and I can go in any direction I want as long as it's...
  17. K

    Ebru Cheesecake!

    This is my newest cheesecake creation ~ White Chocolate Raspberry Lemon. It's definitely not as pretty as my usual "heart topped" raspberry cheesecake but it'll taste yummy (hopefully!) I really enjoy crossing soaping techniques with baking. I cut my first piping bag hole too big so some of...
  18. K

    Bramble Berry Silicone Mold Sale

    BB's original silicone molds are 25% off from noon today through noon July 14. Use coupon code SILLYMOLD. I assume noon is PST since they're in Wash state...
  19. K

    Pregnancy Skin Goodies

    My daughter is 10 weeks pregnant with our 1st grandchild (the baby is the size of a kumquat :)) so I want to make her some goodies that will be helpful for her growing baby belly. I plan to make some decadent soap using my triple butter recipe but also lotion and balm. I'd love to hear your...
  20. K

    The Wide World of Emulsifiers

    Is confusing me! I'm trying to research ways to emulsify lavender EO into witch hazel which is 14% alcohol. I use PS80 to emulsify EO/FO into LS but it doesn't look like it will work on alcohol/oil systems. I found a product called EmulThix on the Lotion Crafter site. It says: "EmulThix™...