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  1. grayceworks

    Crochet stitch kindle book Today, June 29th, it's free on Amazon's US kindle store...
  2. grayceworks

    JellyBelly and KatieBelle

    Just had to show them off. :-) They're my joy! (We didn't do nuffin!) (JellyBelly, posing for the camera) (KatieBelle, posing for the camera) (JellyBelly, Queen of the Water Cooler) (KatieBelle, sleepy)
  3. grayceworks


    Click for recipe!
  4. grayceworks

    just experimenting, interesting results

    I recently read about someone making liquid soap using the CP method, rather than cooking it. I was intrigued, so I figured, I need to make a new batch of dishsoap anyhow, why not? I decided to try with PKO instead of CO, also, just to compare against previous batches. So, I used my usual 1%...
  5. grayceworks

    Yummy ideas

    I saw this today, looks yummy! I am going to have to try it. What yummy ideas have you seen lately?
  6. grayceworks

    Lost SMF in tapatalk

    It was fine 5 minutes ago. I was reading it. It has been fine for months. Last week my tapatalk started showing ads though. I don't use the SMF version because it constantly crashes, and won't let me change my view settings to be easier to read. But when tapatalk started showing ads after the...
  7. grayceworks

    Wish us luck....

    Hubby just got notice the VA is going to re-evaluate his disability claim for his prostate cancer. It was a 3-year struggle to get it approved, and we are still waiting for them to correctly add me into his file as his wife. *sigh* And now they're saying that they want to know if he "still has...
  8. grayceworks

    Because... Australia!

    Of course it would have this... blue-ringed octopi aren't scary enough. ;) That is one HUGE crocodile! *shudders* NOT going swimming in the ocean ever ever again.
  9. grayceworks

    Pencil line bleeding?

    I made a beautiful pencil line with cocoa powder in my castile soap, and for some reason, it's bleeding into the soap! so that there's horrible brown smudges along the entire length of the once-crisp line. Why???? No colorant was used in the soap, and it is 100% 00 soap, with lavender and...
  10. grayceworks

    Almost perfect -- but won't lather.

    My liquid soap lathered fine while diluted. I thickened it using just plain table salt, and it thickened the perfect amount, but now barely lathers. I can lather it with a shower puff, but not with bare hands. It cleans just fine, and feels WONDERFUL on my skin, much like my plain olive...
  11. grayceworks

    You know you're addicted to soapmaking when...

    You're sitting in the hospital bed, bored, and notice on the bottom of the pink plastic water pitcher that it's PP5 and think to yourself, hmm. If hubby would bring me some lye and coconut oil, I could mix up some soap and not be bored! :rolleyes:
  12. grayceworks

    Soap molds and bar sizes

    Long post - 3 questions -- TLDR; #1 - huge stainless steel molds. To line? Or not to line? That is the question... #2 - future biz question - best cut bar size and determining pricing of different size bars. Is bigger really better? (aka does size matter?) #3 - future biz question -...
  13. grayceworks

    Ads in my SMF app???

    I have started getting ad banners at the bottom of the screen on my SMF app. I have ads turned off in my online settings, and when this was in the paid version of tapatalk, there were no ads, but don't see a way to turn them off in this app, and I keep inadvertently clicking them when trying to...
  14. grayceworks

    Swirling HP Possible?

    I've been saving up all the end pieces and trimmings and I just re-batched 2.5lbs of it, along with a bit of goats milk and I noticed that while it was nice and hot in the crockpot, it was about the same consistency as the light trace stuff I used for doing designs using the squeeze-bottles...
  15. grayceworks

    I think I might have figured out this swirl thing. Maybe.

    We'll see how it looks cut, but I used squeeze bottles to layer it instead of pouring the layers, and it seemed to work better for me, instead of my layers just blending together, I was able to make separate layers. Then I did the hanger thing, but have to wait till I cut it to see if I got that...
  16. grayceworks

    Pumpkin - milk soap

    My first HP attempt! I think it turned out fairly decent. I need to practice making pretty tops for sure... I just smoothed this one out like frosting and sprinkled a tiny bit of nutmeg, but it looks okay to me, and smells wonderful! Pumpkin, milk, and coconut, olive, shea. With orange...
  17. grayceworks

    My husband is so sweet :-)

    I just woke up from a nap to find that he has decided to rearrange the whole kitchen for me so that I have an entire cabinet to myself for soaping supplies. :-) --------------------- My tablet has a wonky on-screen keyboard with a mind of its own -- ignore the typos :-/
  18. grayceworks

    1st Batch

    just got done slicing up my 1st batch. not much to look at, but smells wonderful and already has a nice creamy lather. can't wait to see what it's like when it's all the way cured! the top cracked in the middle about an hour after pouring, but I remembered reading about smoothing it out with a...
  19. grayceworks

    Any use for lamp oil?

    Besides in my hurricane lamps, that is... I have a huge jug that's been in the closet forever and trying to figure if there's any other uses for it. Sent from my ME301T
  20. grayceworks

    Getting ready for 1st batch...

    And although I have been making hair and lotion products for a while, soap is new, so I would like to double-check that A) I have all the essential supplies, and B ) that the recipe I'm considering is reasonable. My supplies: 32oz. 5PP containers with lids for mixing lye. 5qt stainless steel...