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    Oozy soap with too much water fail. Can it be saved?

    Hi folks, last night I made a lavender drop swirl loaf. Everything was going sooooo well until I went to pour my accent colors for the drop swirl, to my horror they had set up and gotten thick within 30 seconds of pouring the base layer. They looked barely emulsified when I blended them! :( and...
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    Can I use a soap recipe different from my embeds?

    Hi all, as a follow up question to my failed batch yesterday... I used a lard/olive/coconut/castor recipe that ended up failing, so I chopped up that soap to use as embeds. What I'm wondering is, can I use a coconut/palm/olive recipe to fill in around the embeds? Or, does the recipe have to be...
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    How can I successfully use a failed pencil line soap as an embed?

    So I made my first pencil line soap yesterday which was an EPIC fail to say the very least! It looked absolutely beautiful but the layers separated, I am also embarrassed to admit that I went nuts thinking "how hard can it be" and I made a total of 6 slanted pencil lines in a soap design :oops...
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    Hot process - additives before cook or after?

    I would like to try doing a HP batch next but I am used to CP. I always see that people advise adding extras after cooking it. Is there any problem with adding extras before cooking it? For instance I like to add kaolin clay and I find that it is so much easier to disperse with a stick blender...
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    What happens if lye water is below room temp and oils are ~120F?

    Will any adverse effects happen? Just curious. All of the advice I've seen is to have the lye water and oils as close as possible in temperature. Here's what's going on, I went home for my lunch break and mixed up lye and water and measured my oils for this goat's milk soap I want to try...
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    Castor oil at 10% of oils?

    I would love to try the following recipe: 10% castor, 20% coconut, 35% olive, 35% palm. I found it online, cannot find it back but will link here for credit when I do find it. I have been learning a bit more about formulating soap recipes and this looks like it would give me a great balance of a...
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    Goat's milk turned orange when lye was added, then thickened, normal?

    Hi all, Came up with another question while I was trying to figure out what else was going on with my goat's milk batch, hope you don't mind me stopping by again. I noticed that when I added the lye to the goat's milk and water mixture (I put in a 5 oz frozen chunk of condensed/canned goat's...
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    Sticky and tacky goat's milk/high olive oil soap

    Hi, Last Friday night I made this goat's milk soap from the Nerdy Farm Wife: Ingredients were: 22oz Olive Oil 8oz Coconut Oil 5 oz chilled water 5 oz canned/condensed goat's milk (Meyenberg) 4.2oz lye I...
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    CPOP with a silicone mold? Any tips for gel phase?

    Hi all, I'm really excited to get started on my newest batch of soap this weekend. I've done a few, and while I liked how the batches generally looked (and smelled), I've gotten a partial gel phase and it's been disappointing. I guess, bear in mind I was soaping in my garage last time and it...
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    Blending multiple EOs - working out the maximum allowed

    Hi all, I'm going to make an Earl Grey soap next, but I'm also ordering some ingredients for a cedarwood and orange soap! So, I'm a newbie (...and bad at math) so please forgive the question haha. I am trying to work out how much of each EO (10x orange and cedarwood) I can add to the soap to...
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    Bergamot FO vs. EO - staying power and additive questions

    Hi all! I'm new here. I just made my first couple batches of soap and I'm hooked. Next up, I want to try Bergamot in an attempt to make an 'Earl Grey' type tea soap. :) I absolutely adore the smell of that tea and I'm hoping to capture it in a soap. I've only ever used EOs up to this point and...