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    Bad at Math?

    Almighty Soaping Give Mind: For the life of me I can't make the correct amount of batter no matter how hard I try. Always too much or too little, though I'll take too much over too little any day. Here is my process: Mold size (in inches): 11.25x3.25x3.7 135.28 cubic inches. X 0.40= 54oz...
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    Fragrance Calculator Gone Awry

    So I just completed my 2nd batch of CP soap and both times I used Brambleberry's Fragrance calculator and both times the hallway outside of the room where I cure my soap is permeated with the EO scent. My first recipe I used peppermint EO at the recommended "medium" weight and my second recipe I...
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    Double Check Me?

    Ok I'm hoping to make my first ever batch of soap this week and I guess I'm just a little nervous about my math :/ I am planning on a 2# loaf for my first attempt. Here's my recipe I settled on (modified from a tried and true recipe given to me because I don't have any lard) Tallow 50%...
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    Newbie going all in

    Hello all! I'm spending my morning rendering beef suet to tallow. My butcher must have thought he was doing me a favor by giving me a TON of meat with my fat, but after 2.5 hours of trimming last night I think I'll have to explain it better next time. Does anyone else render their own...