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    Thanks guys the cake soap is for a custom order, otherwise i dont bother to make them.. too many steps, too much time.. Carabou, i honestly dont know i saw it the other day at a shop and thought it might be fun to try
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    Goatmilk egg and lanolin facial soap Buttermilk rosemary 80% lard 20% hemp with hemp flour. I am loviiiinngg this one, so creamy.. They are my personal stash Dead sea mud, sea kelp, activated charcoal Mini cakes
  3. seven

    Soap Irritating Face

    What DeeAnna said. I also can't stand saponified coconut on my face. Salt bars are exception, dunno why. I leave out coconut for my facial soaps.
  4. seven

    Glowing Soap

    Lovely! I tried cp + mp once and the fo accelerated. That was enough to make me try for a 2nd time
  5. seven

    A trio of soaps

    I'm liking the colors so much, great job!
  6. seven

    S o a p s

    Thank you all
  7. seven


    Yes i can see faces
  8. seven

    S o a p s

    A couple of basic ones: First time using alkanet root. Scented with lavender eo. Color and scent don't match at all i am going to leave the mica messy as it is for once. Plain jane goat milk
  9. seven

    Keeps getting more beautiful as it darkens.

    Awesome swirls ❤️
  10. seven

    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    1.TheDragonGirl (this should be fun!) 2. Dixiedragon (houndstooth, y'all, my fellow Alabamians get it) 3. BlackDog (just finished my first one! Ice storm here today, so.....) 4. Seawolfe - woop woop! 5. Obsidian- this is one I can do lol 6. MySoapyHeart (would love to do this, now that I am...
  11. seven

    Christmas hampers

    Thank you all
  12. seven

    Christmas hampers

    Although i dont celebrate christmas, but end of the year is always a busy season (weddings esp.). I planned to make a gingerbread house soap which ended up as: a plan. Didnt make anything fancy this year.. Just these 2 sets (coz i already bought the chinese takeaway boxes since last year )...
  13. seven

    Baby soap...

    For babies/toddlers/sensitive skin i usually made castile or bastille. Btw i am loving my 80% lard and 20% hemp. I use it on my body and face.
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    Thank you all
  15. seven

    Valentine's soaps

    Very nice and colorful ❤️
  16. seven

    Sharing some photography tips

    Your very welcome :) vsco is also a good tool to play with there is a lady on instagram (and i'm sure she is one of many) who used iphone only, and her pics are fantastic (really enjoyed her feed).. Sadly, photoshop mobile apps is a , pretty limited with the free version.
  17. seven


    Lavender and rose scented soaps. I dont usually wrapped my soaps like this, but the customer asked for a rustic style, so what the customer wants the customer gets Not soap, but goatmilk body butter...
  18. seven


    Here is the cut pic of the indigo.. The color got darker as it cures, not so light blue... Oops! But i had fun playing with natural colorants :) I mixed the indigo with the lye solution. Am going to go for a darker blue next time.
  19. seven


    Thank you :) glad you enjoyed the other thread. Taking pics relaxes me
  20. seven

    First ever bath bomb

    Looking good ❤️