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  1. Iseleigh

    suggestions for dog soap

    I'm looking at making a bar shampoo for dogs that will be hard but also make good amount of lather to get down to the skin on double-coated breeds and help remove loose hair. I have a 6 month old Boxer/Heeler/Something/Something Else who wound up with a double coat and he sheds like crazy. So...
  2. Iseleigh


    This video explains a lot of what is going on right now. I'd suggest everyone watch it before it gets taken down.
  3. Iseleigh

    burlap and jute in CP soap

    You can cut them lengthwise and use as a dishcloth. I have a loofah soap bar- it's several years old. The reason it has lasted so long is that it is VERY rough on skin. However, the more you use it the softer it gets, so after using it for dishes for a while I'd imagine it wouldnmake a nice...
  4. Iseleigh

    1.1oz of lye left. Would you??

    I paid $15 for a 2lb bottle at Lowes. It's with the drain cleaners. Just be sure if you buy it the bottle says 100% sodium hydroxide since a lot of them have other stuff added.
  5. Iseleigh

    What went wrong!?

    I have nothing to add other than that pic looks like a well marbled piece of Wagyu beef and I want it solely for that reason.
  6. Iseleigh

    Tiny batch still too soft

    You should definitely try adding some plain salt or sodium lactate to your water before adding the lye next time you make soap. It really does help the soap harden much faster and keeps you from having to deal with such a mess. Ask me how I know. Lol I agree that the high olive oil content will...
  7. Iseleigh

    Can i use my soap?

    I have several Mainstays EO's and they ALL have weird stuff with super long names in them. If it were me I'd use the soap, if it makes your skin act up either trash it or use for laundry soap on not-so-nice clothing. All the soap I make that doesn't turn out for whatever reason goes into the...
  8. Iseleigh

    Coconut Allergy

    I've used lard laundry soap, it does a good job. My recipe was a true depression era one that called for 2lbs of lye as well as borax... would have to go looking through all my pintrest stuff to find it.
  9. Iseleigh

    Coffee scrubby bar....

    I just made a coffee scrubby bar too! Yours looks much prettier than mine. Lol I made mine out of 100% coconut oil for my granddad so he'll stop using all the good soap I give him to wash car grease off his hands with.
  10. Iseleigh

    Leather FO blending ideas?

    IME tobacco goes nicely with leather, as do woodsy scents like cedar and cypress.
  11. Iseleigh

    burlap and jute in CP soap

    Oh I like that! Is it supposed to be like one of those floating mines in the water? Yes, there is so much devastation going on right now in the US alone. If it's not on fire it's under water, and if it's not under water it's Covid, and if it's not Covid it's politics, which is worse than any...
  12. Iseleigh

    Finally got my garden going again!

    Here in East TN we've had a terrible gardening year too. Cool spring, cool summer, and the groundhogs destroyed everything I planted until I started getting rid of them. Even without groundhogs everyone I've talked to had a rough time this year.
  13. Iseleigh

    Opposites Pull Throughs

    Ooooooo! So pretty and everything is so even and clear! So nice! I attempted my first kinda-pull-through tonight, I tried to force gel but don't know if it worked, will check tomorrow and post this weekend if it is anything worth seeing. It certainly will not beat yours though!
  14. Iseleigh

    1st batch!

    I really like the color!! So light and pretty. how quickly were you able to cut the soap after pouring? I made a high OO soap some months ago and it has yet to harden to the point you would consider it soap. Lathers like a champ though. Took me over a month to get it out of the mold it was so soft.
  15. Iseleigh

    burlap and jute in CP soap

    Thank you @earlene! I'd like to try this recipe soon. Also, does your brother have a website?
  16. Iseleigh

    burlap and jute in CP soap

    I have a peppermint loofah soap I bought a couple years ago. I agree that it is quite rough- which is why it has been in the house so long. I wonder if smaller loofahs would be softer (probably not)... the ones I have are small as it was a terrible year for gardening between the groundhogs and...
  17. Iseleigh

    burlap and jute in CP soap

    My mom is a seamstress and said the burlap would be too rough for sensitive skin, but it might be okay for when you *really* need to get clean. I had not though about the raspberry seeds. Raspberry and orange peel sounds like a good combo to me! Use raspberry FO and some orange 5x for scent maybe?
  18. Iseleigh

    burlap and jute in CP soap

    So back to the burlap for a moment. Would it make a suitable wash bag for soap? Like put the soap inside the bag and use the whole thing as a washcloth type deal. I guess it depends on the softness of the butlap itself? Maybe use jute twine to tie it? I'll do some experimenting to see how long...
  19. Iseleigh

    burlap and jute in CP soap

    Does the cornmeal absorb water eventually? Or does it dry out quick enough there's no issues? It being a food product made me think it might get gross and messy.
  20. Iseleigh

    burlap and jute in CP soap

    There's a video on YouTube where a woman is making mechanic soap and pours about as much sand into the soap batter as the batter itself. And I thought she could maybe ask the plumber to try the soap out since she'd be seeing a lot of the guy.