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    To those who ship to canada?

    Just be aware that any international postage printed on line (paypal and click-n-ship) you are limited to the classes that you can send. You can't pre-print first class international postage. When I ship to Canada, I prefer to use click-n-ship it's easier for some reason, and yes you will...
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    shipping challenge

    I actually check that each and every time I mail a package out. I check the amount of s&h the buyers has paid me and what I paid the USPS, and give the buyer a refund of the difference of anything over .99 cents.
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    HARD bar recipes?

    I suggest you sit down with soapcalc and just start working with oils and numbers until your happy with the results. I'm not posting a specific recipe because I have no idea what oils you currently have or what your preferences are. But yes it is possible. Personally I think 40 is plenty...
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    Rebatching Help...

    ok going back and re-reading...... I'm not sure if salt bars can be rebatched...... they are different than regular CP soap because of the added salt, and so much of it......
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    Rebatching Help...

    Another thought is to not use 100% coconut oil....... how about 70% coconut and the remainder other various oils of choice? salt bars don't suds, it's more of a lotion type lather....... very creamy
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    Rebatching Help...

    when did you add the salt?
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    Rebatching Help...

    can you post the exact recipe you used and the amounts of each ingredient.
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    Tallow only soap recipe?

    Are you asking about a recipe that ONLY contains tallow or are other oils acceptable as well. (coconut, castor, sunflower, soybean, safflower, one of the many butters etc) BTW, I think it's great you have goals set for the future, and while it's a lot to understand and learn, it's really...
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    Testing PH

    Tasting will only tell you if lye is present and not the pH of it. I personally don't test the pH of my CP soaps. I know this topic has been discussed quite a bit in the past, have you tried using the search option to read up on it? If your concerned about having lye still be present in...
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    goat milk lotion recipe needed

    but it would have made dandy wallpaper paste.... Well I might have needed to add a horse hoof to get the stickiness, but it was way to thick to use..... But it was a great learning experience.
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    Lotion turned out frothy

    I've never used olivem 1000 before so I can't say anything about that product or how it's used or the outcome of the final product. But you don't mention a thickener such as stearic acid being used? But I'm guessing the salt might be the issue. A long time ago I tried to make an Epsom...
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    Wedding favor help

    Thank you Tabitha, I edited my post to say i was sorry for making that error. But it's also very important for people to give all in the important information necessary when posting, which was not done. And I wasn't the only one who made assumptions about the vague information given...
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    goat milk lotion recipe needed

    I had to dig but I found a picture that I took of it. (I was working on the recipe with a friend using instant messenger, so i had to take a picture to send her.)
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    goat milk lotion recipe needed

    I didn't mean to offend but I was working with something and experiementing and I found it was SOOOOO THICK it was was not something i would recommend. Plus the plus side is that it helped me come up with a new product that does well for me.
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    goat milk lotion recipe needed

    That would be some thick cream !!!! Oh wow, similar to a recipe I worked with and was trying to formulate something but ended up reducing the stearic acid and e-wax on. You could have used it for wal-paper paste it was that thick. Least to say I ditched that recipe, and the above recipe has...
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    Wedding favor help

    It might have been extremely helpful to others on this forum if you included all necessary information in your first post. And to be extremely specific about what you were looking for help with rather than to be vague. I am sorry I did not mean to offend but with weddings so many people...
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    Curing time

    Your recipe looks pretty good!!!! Was it "drying" or squeaky clean? Your skin feels so much cleaner using a hand made soap than a commercial made one. And sometimes that can be misinterpreted as feeling dry. Plus it will just get better with age.
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    Sweet Almond Oil

    I haven't ordered the SAO from columbus but that is where I get most of my other oils, and I often find their prices are better than locally, and that is including the cost of shipping. And they are fair on their shipping charges as well, shipped UPS and they have shipped all my past orders...
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    Wedding favor help

    I agree I would be more concerned with people thinking it's candy as we all know so many people eat things without reading labels. Why not make your leaf with white chocolate instead, and use flavorings and colorings as desired. If you are set and want to include a soap, and if your...
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    supremo italiano....100% olive oil ! Please help

    It might help if you post the exact weights of all the ingredients you used. Another question is are you sure your weights were accurate and not off? (Sometimes scales need to be zeroed out off to be accurate.)