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    Anyone in the Madison WI area interested in free supplies?

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. Hello there, I am very near Madison WI and have to clear my basement out for future move. I have...
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    August 2019 Summer Memory Challenge Entries

    Please post your entries here with a story about your memory. Sorry I'm late. Traveling and had no working USB port and crappy Wi-fi, and then no battery. Please do NOT post comments here, only entries! Comments can still be made on the challenge thread.
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    August 2019 SMF Challenge- Summer memory

    PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST (and ALL Rules - scroll down to see the challenge specific rules) SMF Challenge General Rules 1. To enter you must have a minimum of 50 posts and been a member for a month (sorry but no exceptions on this). 2. The only members eligible to vote are those with...
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    February SMF Challenge Entry Thread- Soap Stones

    Please enter your photo/photos of your soap stone. Any information you wish to share about your technique, colorants, FO are always welcome. Please do not make comments in this thread. If you wish to make a remark about the entries, please do so on the original challenge thread. ENTRIES ONLY!
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    When experimentation pays off

    Same technique as the Scooby Doo soap but on purpose this time. It's a bit short but that's because I am losing too much soap in the squirt bottles. I don't have enough piping bags for all the colors. Still, it gives a good effect!
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    Scooby Doo soap

    I had to keep my head because my soap had thickened up so much I couldn't use it for what I had planned, so I forged on and got this. I like it! The colors remind me of the Mystery Machine- dating myself, no doubt.
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    February Challenge- Soap Stones

    Hello hello! Welcome to the February Challenge. I do apologize for so dropping the ball last month. I have not been able to get video, which I discovered the night before I was leaving for a long trip because I procrastinated putting the challenge up until the 30th and I left early on the 31st...
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    June SMF Challenge Entry Thread

    Hello all! Please post at least one picture of your sci-fi themed soap along with a brief explanation of how your soap represents it. You can provide a lengthy explanation if you like, along with technique, colors, scent etc... but the bare minimum is enough info that we can see how you...
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    June SMF Challenge- sci-fi themed soap

    PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST (and ALL Rules)- General Rules: 1. The only members eligible to vote are those with their names on the sign up list - regardless of whether or not you have submitted an entry. 2. This month’s voting will be password locked. Passwords will be PM'ed to...
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    New Challenge Panel

    I am just announcing our new Challenge Panel. Saponista and I remain from our former group and we are so happy to be completed by Earlene, AMD, Salted Fig, and Toxicon. Dibbles is our wing man. We are excited to bring another year (and hopefully more) of thrilling challenges. Thank you for...
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    SMF Challenges are currently under construction

    Hello all, We lost half our challenge mods in the last few weeks and we are currently re-tooling. We will have a new panel of hosts and as we get ourselves together, we should be able to have a more set schedule, possibly more notice of the topics but more importantly, fewer disruptions to the...
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    Challenge schedule question

    Do people like the monthly schedule of the challenges or do you think that a challenge every other month would be more attractive? Would you be more likely to participate if it were every other month than every month? It has been suggested to run the challenge over two months but we have agreed...
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    February Challenge Entry Thread

    Wow, that went by quickly. Don't worry if you aren't ready yet because you can enter your soap through February 25th. Please post a picture of your soap in process and your finished result. If you did an embed, I'll need a pic of your process, of the embed itself, and of the finished bar...
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    February SMF Challenge- Soap dough

    Hello all. Welcome to the February SMF Challenge- Soap dough! You must use soap dough for this challenge. You must manipulate the dough with your hands to create something with it. You can use it to sculpt something, like a bear or a swan and have it be entirely 3-D. You can sculpt something...
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    Using soap dough like polymer clay

    I tried again to use soap like polymer clay. There is a lot of overlap, although I don't think they will ever be completely alike. It takes a long time to do but it's fun to have something new to try. No, this is not what the February Challenge will be. You could use this for the challenge...
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    Prep for February Challenge

    Hello all, February's challenge will be Soap Molding, using Sorcery Soap's recipe for moldable soap dough. It requires at least a week of prep to make so I wanted to post a link to her site so people can start whenever they wish, or order pre-made dough if they choose. Bee is very clear that...
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    I botched on the September Cahllenge

    Sorry sorry sorry. I was in line to do the September challenge but for some reason I thought I was October. Since it's so late in the month, we will skip the challenge and let everyone rest from furious soap-making, and we will return to our regularly scheduled programming in October. I do...
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    Feedback please for a challenge idea

    I am trying to plan my next challenge. I was considering doing a challenge for soaping with thin batter, just past emulsion, which would include both a technique and design, as participants would have to figure out how they want to swirl. Not certain if there is good interest in that or if...
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    Wool rovings- you pay shipping only

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. I have a pile of beautiful wool rovings, one part colored with oranges and pinks and the other in...
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    April 2017 Challenge Entry Thread

    It's time! Please post at least one picture of one bar of your entry. Any info you wish to share regarding method, colorants, FO/EO is always appreciated. No comments please, just entries. If you wish to comment, please use the other thread.