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  1. PJ Oleham

    My soap bars are pitted.

    I got a soap cutter! Yay! Except, I am wondering if I am unmolding and cutting my soap too soon is why I am getting little pits in the soap as I cut it. I am unmolding and cutting at about 24-30 hours. Is this too soon? My first couple of batches I cut at 3 days, those had no pits, then read...
  2. PJ Oleham

    Hello Soapers!

    My name is PJ. I am from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. My passion is urban gardening and homesteading. I am new to soaping. Very new! I just made my second batch of soap and I am sooooo hooked! Sadly though, my second batch crumbled when I starting cutting it. I googled "why does my home made soap...