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  1. melonpan


    Loving the llama mold! It's really cute.
  2. melonpan

    SMF May 2022 Challenge - Infinity Swirl

    Looking forward to see all the entries! I'm moving overseas soon and it's so hectic that, sadly, I don't think I will be able to join this one.
  3. melonpan

    SMF April 2022 Soap Challenge - Straight Line design

    I'll join the others and confess I hadn't the slightest idea that you meant a tool and not the actual Cheshire Cat! I read your whole post managing to ignore all the clues, imagining your cute Cheshire Cat-themed soap with the colours from the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland, and I went as far...
  4. melonpan

    Natural Moon & Stars Soap

    I think your design works really well with the Tall and Skinny mold, it definitely gives a sense of sky height. Loving all the details.
  5. melonpan

    Show us your work space!

    I like your idea of adding a protective layer (made of plastic I guess?) under your soaping area for any spills. It seems really easy to clean as you go. I use some old sheets doubled up to protect my table, but when some batter spills I can't really clean the fabric until I wash it. I might...
  6. melonpan

    A new hobby

    They are gorgeous! I like how the wire is ribbed or twisted in some areas to add movement. Just for the sake of curiosity, do you need a set of tools? Or is it done with just the one tool?
  7. melonpan

    SMF March 2022 Challenge - Column Pour Technique

    Congratulations to the winners 🎉 I enjoyed all entries - I hadn't a clue that you could have such different designs by using the column pour technique, this challenge was a real eye opener for me!
  8. melonpan

    Mother's Milk

    Beautiful soaps, the white colour makes all the details pop out even more!
  9. melonpan

    Confetti Soap

    I love the bigger size of the confetti, it works well with the rounded shape of the soap!
  10. melonpan

    Crown Soap, Ben Franklin’s Family Recipe

    Could it be "fatty bloom"? I've come across a blog post and an Instagram post recently which suggested the term, it's the first time I hear it but it looks similar to the feathery crystals in your photo.
  11. melonpan

    Hi everyone, I’m Shoni

    Welcome! 😊
  12. melonpan

    First frosted soap

    If only we could smell pictures - creme de menthe sounds wonderful! And loving the frosting on this soap, it looks well defined. It didn't occur to me that you could change the recipe for the frosting to make it set up more slowly - thanks for sharing!
  13. melonpan

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I'm still away from my soaping tools so I'm keeping myself soaply entertained by catching up on the forum and starting to read the latest Jo Haslauer's ebook on botanical colorants ("Natural Soap Color - Plant Magic"). I've had my eyes on it for some time now, and it arrived in my inbox as a...
  14. melonpan

    Show us your work space!

    I'm loving everyone's spaces. There are lots of interesting ideas in this thread! I wish at some point I will have a bit more space for a dedicated soaping area or at least a handy cart. I currently live in a small studio apartment so I'm also team soaping-in-the-kitchen! All my supplies are...
  15. melonpan

    SMF March 2022 Challenge - Column Pour Technique

    This sounds like such a fun technique! I'll be cheering from the sidelines as I'm out of town and sadly away from my soaping tools (but taking notes for the first opportunity to soap again 😁 ). Can't wait to see everyone's entries!
  16. melonpan

    SMF February 2022 Challenge - Ocean-Inspired

    Congratulations to the winners! 🌊 Beautiful soaps everyone, it was tough to vote!
  17. melonpan

    New to forum - my soaps

    Just queueing with the others to say - wow! Those are all such pretty soaps! I especially like the pastel ones. The mica painting you did on the M&P shells was a real labour of love, the end result is stunning!
  18. melonpan

    Newbie 100% Coconut Oil Experiment

    Thank you for sharing your experiment! I'll also have a look into the 28% lye concentration. I'm planning a 100% coconut oil soap which I usually use as stain remover and I'll have a try to see if it works better.
  19. melonpan

    A Few Recent Soaps

    Beautiful soaps! I especially love the name and cheerful look of Lime in the Coconut.
  20. melonpan


    These are stunning! Good luck with the challenge. I especially like the cube embed one with the red background, it just looks beautiful with that contrast of colours. I'll wait for the reveal to hear what the sunflower with the bowtie is 😁