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  1. rparrny

    What went wrong?

    Made this soap with my 50% Lye solution...the only thing different is that I changed from Avocado oil to Olive oil. This morning my loaf is still soft?? Any clue to what went wrong. Trace went okay, it has been really hot and humid and my AC is coming tomorrow. I have never had...
  2. rparrny

    Salt bar for a dog??

    Wondering if anyone has experience with using a salt bar to bathe a dog? My salt bars are cured now and pretty soon Vegas will be out and swimming...and there is nothing that smells worse than BAY DOG! My thought was that the simplicity of the bars would be a good fit, but I know dogs require a...
  3. rparrny

    How important is the blend with colors?

    Nothing give a mica the most intense color than SBing...that being said most times I shy away from using my SB for fear of thickening my trace too much. I've noticed that even if I hand blend my TD white and it still looks yellowish, by the time it cures I get a nice white color. So my...
  4. rparrny

    If I wanted tiny bubbles, I would have cracked open a bottle of champagne!

    What happened here? Oils had no air bubbles in them, I burped my stick blender and I pounded the loaf good before I swirled. I CPOPed them in a 170 oven for one hour and now I have all these tiny bubbles! What did I do wrong? Even the very thin layer of batter that clung to the sides have...
  5. rparrny

    Recommendations for wire soap cutter

    Okay, so far I have been using my pastry knife to cut soaps and when I wasn't doing swirls it was just fine but now I find it can ruin some of my swirls when cut. I've been looking around and I see tons of wire cutters but most seem to be geared to people that sell. I like my CC 1501 loaf...
  6. rparrny

    The hows and whys of changing the lye concentration of your soap

    I read this very interesting article on why the standard value for lye on soapcalc is not the best for most soaps and why it was put there to start with. The table below is a summary...I recommend reading the article. English is obviously not his first language with some of the typos but I...
  7. rparrny

    What would happen if we saw this today?

    I remember using this soap...
  8. rparrny

    Is this you?

    This is SO me...
  9. rparrny

    Hanger swirl question

    I've been watching a lot of videos on hanger swirls and I notice that everyone attaches chopsticks or something to make it thicker. What would happen if you just used the hanger wire itself? I would think it would make a really fine textured swirl. Has anyone done this?
  10. rparrny

    Dealing with dishonesty

    I've been waiting since the 12th for my new loaf cutter/planer/beveler I ordered from Ebay to arrive and I found out it came to my post office today so I went and picked it up (my mail girl is a nightmare). When I got there Ed handed me an Amazon Prime box. I told him that wasn't the box and...
  11. rparrny

    Kokum butter koo koo

    So I decided to give kokum butter a try and ordered 5 pounds. I find that it takes forever to melt in my warmed oils. Is this butter sensitive like shea or can I get more aggressive with the's driving me nuts.
  12. rparrny

    What to do with Dragon's Blood resin?

    So I've been hearing about Dragon's Blood FO and was planning on trying it until I heard that it is actually a resin...well the herbalist in me started researching it and I want to try it. So I ordered an ounce of the resin and I have several questions: How do I infuse it in OO, powder it or in...
  13. rparrny

    Master batching oils

    Can you master batch with CO mixed with OO?
  14. rparrny

    My 2 1/2 year old soap maker!

    Below is a pic of my grandson Zach. Since birth, he has spent every Friday till Saturday night with me (I'm so blessed). Tonight when he came I had a special surprise for him. Amazon had a deal of the day with 36 containers of playdoh for a crazy low price, so of course I bought it. I opened...
  15. rparrny

    You know you're addicted when...

    You move towels out of the bathroom to make room for curing soaps... (I'm not even posting the pics of my bedroom :shock:)
  16. rparrny

    How soon can I shrink wrap?

    I bought some shrink wrap and have never used it before. I know there is a learning curve there and anyone with words of wisdom...please chime in. I'm wondering soon can I wrap? Do I have to wait until the soap is completely cured?
  17. rparrny

    If I had wanted rice I would have ordered Chinese...

    I was all excited to try a tilted wall pour with my loaf mold...using a new fragrance by CC-Carribean Escape. Blended my four colors and as I was pouring, it started ricing. I used my mini mixer to smooth out the colors the best I could but each time I changed colors...more ricing, more...
  18. rparrny

    Help a jones-ing math moron out...

    Okay, so I'm aching to make some soap, most of my lye was used in the last batch and I probably have less than 50 grams. How can I use soap calc to take the lye weight that I have and adjust my recipe to it? I have three coffee bean molds that I am dying to try and I think that little amount...
  19. rparrny

    Castor Oil in body wash question

    A favorite patient of mine who makes a simple body wash with already prepared liquid castile soap was asking if adding castor oil to her preparation would increase lather?
  20. rparrny

    I need some FrankinSENSE!

    With the holidays coming I will be making baskets for various charities for Chinese auctions ect. I have a kilo of Frankincense and I would love to use it in the bars but quite frankly it stinks IMHO. I was thinking about some combos but thought I would first ask if anyone had any experience...