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  1. Ugeauxgirl

    Best eucalyptus mint FO?

    I've only tried one eucalyptus mint fragrance oil, and it's nice but not as strong as I'd like. Anybody use a nice strong one that lasts in soap?
  2. Ugeauxgirl

    Acceleration and cracking

    I made my first batch of soap in two weeks and it accelerated and I smashed it into the mold. I insulated it as usual and checked it later to find that it cracked. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. When a fragrance accelerates your soap, do you cover and insulate as usual...
  3. Ugeauxgirl

    Is soap fine in the mold for a week?

    I meant to make soap today but didn't get to. Tomorrow is the day before we leave on a trip. I probably won't have time to unmold it before I go. Will it be okay for a week in the mold? I can't think of why it wouldn't be, but I've never been able to wait much longer than a day before!
  4. Ugeauxgirl

    Basil EO

    Have just been reading about basil EO in soap and want to try it. I'm usually a fo sort of soap girl, but I happen to have some. Do you use it straight or in a blend. Someone said not too much- less than the max amount? Does it fade? Thanks all!
  5. Ugeauxgirl

    How hot is too hot

    I made a loaf of CP soap and just checked on it- seemed hot so I took it's temp with my heat gun. 140F. How hot does it have to get before it causes alien brains? In other words, should I uncover it or leave it alone?
  6. Ugeauxgirl

    Ugeauxgirl's soaps 2022

    I decided that rather than post a new thread every time I make a batch, I'll just use one, and add new batches to it. This is actually 3 batches, but I've made them all since the beginning of the year. They are top row, left to right, brown sugar and fig, sunshine, and London for men. Second...
  7. Ugeauxgirl

    Rebatch to add scent

    I have a nice batch of soap that has completely lost its scent. I want to rebatch to add scent (I'll look at the maximum IFRA scent amounts before I add any). Is one method of rebatching better for this? I was thinking about milling it as I'm not in a hurry...
  8. Ugeauxgirl

    Shipping soap

    My son plays video games with people all over the country and Canada. He showed them my soap curing shelves, and they wanted to buy some. I don't sell soap and I have too much,so I told them I'm glad to ship them some if they pay the shipping cost. What is the most cost effective way to mail...
  9. Ugeauxgirl

    Unmolding soap from individual molds

    Normally salt bars get nice and hard and unmold cleanly, but my last batch just didn't. I resorted to my favorite trick- freezing the soap. Here's the result. Frozen on the left, room temp on the right.
  10. Ugeauxgirl

    Use up fragrance oil project

    Two more victims in my "use up FO" project. The pink/brown one is Bay Leaf and Tobacco. I did a few bars in that scent with coffee grounds for my nephew who loves an exfoliating soap. I haven't unmolded that one yet,- trying to prevent soda ash. The purple swirl is Holiday Berry which is a...
  11. Ugeauxgirl

    Hot and cold process in one soap

    I made a really ugly bar of "meat" soap and was looking at confetti soap to fix it. I saw a bar that was a solid pink on the bottom and white with pink shreds on top. Could I rebatch the pink soap (HP) for the bottom and put more pink shreds in CP batter for the top? Will it separate?
  12. Ugeauxgirl

    Fizzy bath salt recipe

    I found this recipe on a website and I LOOOOVE it. 2 cups epsom salt 1/2 cup sea salt or rock salt 1 cup baking soda 1/2 cup citric acid This makes about 2 lbs for fragrance/essential oil calculations.
  13. Ugeauxgirl

    Lotion bar tins

    I found these tins with windows (@Zing didn't you say you liked these?) 2 for $1 at dollar tree. They were in the school/office supplies aisle. Happily, they exactly fit my mandala mold. I'm going to grab a few more tomorrow and make my girlfriends some lotion bars for Christmas! The magnet...
  14. Ugeauxgirl

    Recent FO trials

    Most of these are from WSP I tried two cranberry fragrances from WSP this season. Very Merry Cranberry was lovely and is still strong at 3 months. It slowed trace. Cranberry was not. I didn't like the fragrance (no one among my family and friends likes it) Orange patchouli from NS is...
  15. Ugeauxgirl

    What is on your soapy Christmas list?

    My family is asking what I'd like for Christmas. I can't think of anything, so I want to know what is on your list for Christmas, or some soapy gadget you love that you'd give another soapaholic...
  16. Ugeauxgirl

    Leftover almond milk

    My sister bought almond milk when she was here for Thanksgiving- it doesn't sound like it has much benefit in soap. Anyone have any other recipes I could use it in?
  17. Ugeauxgirl

    Has anyone made deer tallow soap?

    I think I finally found a source for deer tallow. Has anyone tried deer tallow? Is it similar to beef tallow?
  18. Ugeauxgirl

    Eucalyptus frost

    I bought this fragrance by WSP and it turned my soap yellow. It faded pretty badly too. Won't be buying that one again. I put the discolored bars against a white one so you can see the contrast. Really yellow. Going to have to rebatch or toss
  19. Ugeauxgirl

    I did not confess why our dishwasher broke

    My husband just fixed our dishwasher- just in time for Thanksgiving. I asked him what was wrong with it. He said the sprayer arm holes had been completely clogged with grease. He couldn't imagine how that'd gotten that way. I innocently said that I couldn't either... 😇 And quickly changed...
  20. Ugeauxgirl

    Interested in trying a syndet bar

    I am interested in trying a syndet bar to see if I like them before I go down the rabbit hole of attempting to make one. It sounds expensive to get into. Could you PM me if you have a good one you'd be willing to sell me? Or if you can recommend a good one to try...