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  1. Babyshoes

    Donating handmade soap to charities

    Sadly, here in the UK you need to have your soap fully assessed before you can give it away to a charity. 🙁
  2. Babyshoes

    Low cleansing brine soap?

    Well, I like Zany's no slime Castile, though I make it with real sea water. That's technically a brine bar. Sure, the lather is not huge, but there is enough of it for me, especially if you use a washcloth/shower poof etc. I don't really understand why folks want so many bubbles? A low lather...
  3. Babyshoes

    Tap Water vs Distilled Water Experiment

    Thank you for setting this up. I hope to have the energy to soap again soon, and if so I'll include a couple of water test batches. Our water is very hard, so I do expect a reaction of some sort.
  4. Babyshoes

    My new baby

    She might be a bit young to react to catnip - most cats don't really start getting an effect from it until someone after 6 months.
  5. Babyshoes


    Cute! I'm sure those'll sell well!
  6. Babyshoes

    My new baby

    Mostly, give them time. Has new kitty had a quarantine away from other animals before she came to you? New animals coming into the home should ideally have a ~2 week quarantine, either in isolation elsewhere like a rescue, or within their safe room in the home, before they meet resident pets in...
  7. Babyshoes


    Except that large swathes of England have incredibly hard water. I've admittedly not tried soaping with my tap water, but when you can literally see the minerals coming out of it, collecting as snow drifts of white-ish flakes in your kettle and as a hard hazy sheet on your taps, shower, basin...
  8. Babyshoes

    Kittens! 😻

    Update! 2 of these boys are reserved! 😻 They're leaving me this weekend, traveling a couple of hours to a wonderful rescue we frequently network with, who have a kitten waiting list. They're seeing the vet on Monday, and all being well, will be in their new home on Wednesday. 😊 I will most...
  9. Babyshoes

    Mixing Titanium Dioxide-Micas-Activated Charcoal

    I've seen you tube soapers mix micas and TD frequently, and micas plus AC less often. Not sure if I've seen a mix of all 3, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Might accelerate the batter a bit, but otherwise I can't see it causing any major issues. 🤷‍♀️
  10. Babyshoes

    My new baby

    She's gorgeous! In my experience, once they start eating, they'll begin to settle in fairly soon after that. It's good that you were able to lure her out with food! Jackson Galaxy has some good videos about introducing cats. I don't fully agree with all of his techniques because all cats...
  11. Babyshoes

    cold process soap not coming to trace even after half an hour

    Oh goodness! That must have been frustrating. Did you manage to salvage it? I imagine you could hand whisk for a few minutes at a time, over some hours and bring it to a very light trace that way?
  12. Babyshoes

    Kittens! 😻

    Yes they have, though the chap with the blue collar (Blueberry) has pale aqua blue eyes which don't really show well in photos. I think he's going to be one stunning mini panther! And thank you, although I think all my kitties are gorgeous, I do agree that Mishka is especially handsome!
  13. Babyshoes

    New to liquid

    Thank you!
  14. Babyshoes

    New to liquid

    Hi and welcome! I'm also investigating CPLS at the moment, I have the KoH and glycerine, I just need to finalise the recipe I want to use and I'll be ready to give it a go!
  15. Babyshoes

    Kittens! 😻

    But of course! They're doing well. 😊 The adult cat in the photos is Mishka, who is playing gently like a good uncle should. When it gets too much, he retreats to the dining table, that the kittens can't get to yet. 😊
  16. Babyshoes

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Yes, I've heard that somewhere too. Instead of borosilicate glass (used in scientific glassware) they now use soda lime glass (common, everyday glass). I imagine it's because borosilicate glass melts at a higher temperature, which obviously costs more. It's is less likely to shock and break...
  17. Babyshoes

    Kittens! 😻

    Aww, bless her. Do you think you might manage fostering? That way, you can have a regular stream of kittens for her to care for.
  18. Babyshoes

    Kittens! 😻

    Aww, gorgeous! How old is s/he? (I know most ginger cats are male, but you do get some females. Genetics is fascinating...) My babies are 9 weeks old today, and growing like crazy! They're also getting more hyper, climbing curtains etc. More spam!
  19. Babyshoes

    Are you on Youtube?

    I am, but not for soap! I have a couple of random glass videos, most from before I figured out how to edit...
  20. Babyshoes

    SMF April 2022 Soap Challenge - Straight Line design

    Congratulations to the winners! Well deserved. 😁