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    FO Cleanout - Aussie Soapers

    thought there might be some aussies interested in my fragrance oil cleanout on ebay :-)
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    Good source fo Coconut oil in Australia?

    Robyns Soap house (outer melbourne) also sell bulk oils to soapers, and they look like good prices too. You have to pick up though. l not long ago bought 25kg of various oils from heirloom, and oh my, the postage stung LOL :shock: :(
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    fugly coffee soap pics!

    l was going to say the same thing, it looks good to me! l would just trim a little here and there, and l bet you anything the smell will be fine soon.
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    Honey Soap..And a silly question!

    It's so beautiful, looks good enough to eat. l'm envious, my honey soaps have never turned out that good! How much did you put in, if you don't mind me asking? :-)
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    meanie soaper!!

    Tabitha, l am so hearing you on that one LOL :lol: And yes, when it all boils down, it really is just a bar of soap.
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    Hiya from Oz :)

    Welcome Liz from another aussie :-)
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    Is this normal for a soaper ? :P

    Jenny/Bubbles, where in Melbourne are you? :D We've got about 8 soaps in the shower and another 10-20 in the ensuite waiting to be used, so l'm thinking it is fairly normal LOL :wink:
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    First two batches of soap!

    wow, they look fantastic, l wish my first soaps looked that good!
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    fudge brownie

    they look divine, l am hungry now LOL :shock: A lovely smooth texture for HP too.
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    cp vs hp

    with the sodium lactate for HP, how much would you recommend adding ppo? l haven't bought any for a long while and only ever used it in CP - is it the same usage rate?
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    Private Message - Subject: Spam Protection

    l know this may not be an appropriate solution, but thought l would offer/suggest it just in case :-) (l design websites as a part time job when l am not soaping! :wink: ) The forum software that runs the board has been updated to a new version, (phpbb3) and it is much better at handling...
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    Laundry soap with 'leftovers'?

    l'm using my cruddy soap batches as laundry soap...what l do is throw about 5 big bars in the bottom of a standard household bucket. I then fill it up with hot water and let it 'stew' for a day. It goes all yukky and jelly-like as mentioned above. Each morning l tip the entire bucket full of...
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    Aussie Swap Photos.....PICS ADDED!!! (pic heavy guys....)

    oh, they look gorgeous, l'm jealous too, and l'd love to be in the next swap :-)
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    Taking my soap and candles to the market tomorrow...

    It's a very small market, and sales are hard to get. l keep telling myself that this is my last time l go, but l want to support it too, so l keep paying up ;-) Anyway, this time l have spent some time trying to improve the appearance of my stall. Dh made me some wooden trays for my soaps to...
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    it's official

    congrats Deborah! l just looked at your etsy profile, and we share a birthday :D I've been a vegetarian for 20 years, l've tried going vegan a few times but never managed to stay on track. good luck with your new venture!!!
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    What in your opinion makes SMF such a great forum .

    l feel like l can be me here. That no question is too dumb. I don't have to worry about whether l sound stupid, whether l am selling my soap too soon, or whether l am going to get bullied for accidentally saying the wrong thing.
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    Please don't eat. Really.

    absolutely gorgeous!!!
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    my soap cake :-)

    thanks everyone!!! :D :D :D l have a question for you all you think it would be okay to put each piece in a cello bag now, for the 4 week cure? l'm thinking just a loose cello bag with a ribbon tied on the end, just so they don't get dusty during the 4 week cure. All that white...
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    FINALLY! New soaps-AKA what I've been up to while I was MIA!

    oh, l love all your soaps and your photography is awesome, l especially love the last photo with the boot!
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    Yesterdays soaps...

    these are beautiful, your straight cutting is to die for, mine never come out that neat!