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  1. Hazel

    Roll on bottles, lip gloss, and mica

    I may still have some dimethicone. I'll check and if I do, I'll make some lip gloss. (I got the supplies in the mail the other day. Yeah!) @ cerelife I'm sorry but I didn't have dimethicone. However, I have ordered it. ;)
  2. Hazel

    WSP 25% OFF - ALL Plastic Jars

    Sorry about the late notice but I just saw the email. 25% of plastic jars through Jan 5 (Thursday) until 11:59 PM EST
  3. Hazel

    Looking for advices

    This is such a difficult topic because I understand both sides. Yes, this person did demonstrate a disregard for safety, quality and laws. I also think Susie may be correct about this person's desire for validation. However, there could have been a better way of expressing concern about it. As I...
  4. Hazel

    Looking for advices

    But your points are so well stated. You could edit the post a bit if you wish; but I think we need attention brought to a subject which is important to the SMF community. I know I was gone for a long time so I don't know how things may have changed. The forum was once known as a newbie friendly...
  5. Hazel

    Roll on bottles, lip gloss, and mica

    Hee hee! I got some more bottles from Amazon! The ones I used were 7ml plastic ball ones from WSP. These from Amazon are...
  6. Hazel

    Looking for advices

    CaraBou and IrishLass - Excellent posts. This is a subject almost everyone can use a reminder of occasionally. I say almost everyone because there are some people who are friendly and kind all the time. If possible, I'd like to see both of your posts copied and stuck into the Announcement...
  7. Hazel

    Looking for advices

    earlene - That was a thoughtful and articulate response. I'm sorry you were treated badly. I was given a cyber thumping when I was a new member and I was so upset I swore I'd never come back to this forum. After I calmed down, I reviewed the thread and realized it was rough but I could...
  8. Hazel

    Wholesale Supplies Plus End of Year Sale

    @ CaraBou - That's an excellent point. I posted a message to Angie about Soapsense's suggestion.
  9. Hazel

    Looking for advices

    I'm not going to name the city or country but I will say the IP comes up as a tourist town (beaches, sailing and scuba diving) in Europe. I agree we don't know this person's circumstances and I can empathize with someone who really needs to bring in more money. It's also difficult to express...
  10. Hazel

    Wholesale Supplies Plus End of Year Sale

    @ CaraBou - I don't remember. Also, I may be confused and the sticky wasn't there. I like Soapsense's suggestion about changing the title. I can't do it but I'll ask Angie about changing it.
  11. Hazel

    Wholesale Supplies Plus End of Year Sale

    I've done this, too. After working all day, I'm sometimes amazed I'm capable of reading the simplest of comments. What does everyone think about putting a sticky in the Shopping Recommendations section?
  12. Hazel

    Wholesale Supplies Plus End of Year Sale

    Shopping Recommendations section. I thought there used to be a sticky for sales. Maybe one could be stuck to make it easy for people to add sales and to make it easy for people to find the info. eta: You can sign up for flash sale emails.
  13. Hazel

    Chalky Bath Bombs from SLSA?

    Smart observation. I've had the same problem and I never connected it to the SLSA. I thought it was just me and weather which caused the problem. What percentage of SLSA do you use? I've been using approximately 20% since butters tend to suppress bubbles. I like the idea of reducing SLSA and...
  14. Hazel

    Newbie from VA

    Hi Brittany! I'm glad you found the forum and I hope you'll like it here. SMF is a great resource.
  15. Hazel

    Christmas 2016

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Have a wonderful day!
  16. Hazel

    Roll on bottles, lip gloss, and mica

    I'm so sorry! For some reason, I'm not receiving email notifications...again! I think they look nice. Perhaps it's good that you added a lot of mica. The Violet Magic mica which was mixed in glycerin has sunk to the bottom of the bottle and will barely move anymore. The gold (mixed in FCO)...
  17. Hazel

    Hello from Texas

    Hi Triumphator, Welcome to the forum! :santa:
  18. Hazel

    Happy Holidays and all the best in 2017

    Thanks singingjeanie! To you and your family ~ and...
  19. Hazel

    Oil off the shelf

    I suggested WSP since Susie posted a link to 16 oz castor which made me think she wouldn't be interested in a gallon of it. Also, the shipping weight on the Great Northern CO is 8 lbs which makes me feel fairly positive there is only 7 lb of oil. This makes the CO $3.27 lb. Shipping is already...
  20. Hazel

    Roll on bottles, lip gloss, and mica

    That surprises me because after I saw the gold one, I made an assumption you had put the mica in with the FCO like I did since it dispersed the same. 'Tis a puzzlement. Perhaps it is too much mica. This morning the gold mica had settled and the bottle looked identical to the left side blue in...