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  1. David Christopher


    I was using a 25 OO , 25 CCO , 50 Crisco
  2. David Christopher


    Well thanks .. do you think it will be better or what kind of improvement might it be, besides the avoiding DOS ? ‍♂️
  3. David Christopher


    Thanks everyone.. in my 2 month old Soaps with Crisco I have not seen anything. However I do want to use a certified Palm (I didn’t think Crisco’s is) . I know Palm and Crisco is not interchangeable but I’d like to use the same recipe
  4. David Christopher


    Did it take a while for the DOS to show I no normally make mine with a 30/30 Coconut/ Olive oil. Do you think the Coconut oil prevents the DOS
  5. David Christopher


    im not sure how this thread gonna turn out but ... here it goes Ok using Crisco in my soap. I know it’s awful to take internal heath wise ( but it does make good fried chicken) 1) Is it vegan friendly (using the vegetable oil version) 2)It has palm oil in it .. anyone know if it’s the...
  6. David Christopher

    Stealing someone’s recipes

    I totally gotcha .. I feel the same way .. but I just wanted to hear from some of y’all experienced soap monkeys Thanks will do ... Pumpkin is one of my favorites
  7. David Christopher

    Comment by 'David Christopher' in media '24K Gold Bars From Soaping 101, Just had to try these!'

    @Terri E for sure .. Ike the idea of creating a conversation starter with them
  8. David Christopher

    Soapmaking Friend Bug Issues / New Feature Requests - August 2019

    Wow I never knew it existed.. but since I’m new I’ll take it out for a test ride
  9. David Christopher

    Stealing someone’s recipes

    Thanks BTW it seems when you add Pumpkin. The soap does not seem to be as “smooth” . Meaning it’s kind of got fiber striations?
  10. David Christopher

    Stealing someone’s recipes

    Thanks everyone.. I appreciate the help
  11. David Christopher

    Stealing someone’s recipes

    See I was trying to hide the names
  12. David Christopher

    Stealing someone’s recipes

    I totally understand that many diapers work on their recipes fo years ( or always months) however. I was wondering how much of an online recipe needs to be modified before it’s not “stealing” I’ve taken a basic Crisco recipe and have used goats milk instead of water. As well I have added items...
  13. 70BCC459-B9F2-4DAB-B743-C0965CBD0F28


    This is really an ugly duckling. But my wife like it. Guess it says a lot about me. But it Olive oil, Goats milk and .. coffee grounds. It’s a bit of a fail. Though I could make a pencil line with the grounds‍♂️
  14. ED2678EC-57D2-4DE7-9666-2ECBD95A432E


    Some rough Pumpkin and Goats milk.. but I like it’s rustic look
  15. B0233243-1016-4970-A8E3-0F7B58BCC023


    Chamomile tea, Goats milk and honey. Still a little soft
  16. 94BDDC5B-F8DC-4A86-AFE5-621EB8F315D3


    Made an attempt at Clove and honey.. smells good
  17. David Christopher

    Evaporated Goats Milk

    Thanks so much for the help. It puts me at ease to know that there was something else at work here. Yes the mixture got up to about 90 degrees. My safety goggles misted up so by the time I could “see” the reaction it was too late. However I did make the batch without goats milk and then I...
  18. David Christopher

    Evaporated Goats Milk

    IrishLass Thanks .. I do believe it is more concentrated .. cuz I did the same thing when I made the other soap.