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  1. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Help with new recipe

    Not only the above, but the actual oils do have an impact. Getting to the same numbers but using different oils will result in a different soap with different things to watch out for
  2. The Efficacious Gentleman

    How to get rid of squeaky clean feeling in soap

    Sorry, but before you try any other recipe changes or superfat amount, look in to chelating. That will make the biggest difference for you. I am pretty certain that the soaps which were better did use something to chelate.
  3. The Efficacious Gentleman

    DeeAnna's Milk in Soap Information

    Good for you, I think. Again, you said that you wrote a generalisation for people and had to exclude certain things, I pointed out that the information is already here plus parts that you had to miss out. Feel free to take everything that I post as an attack, but it really isn't meant that...
  4. The Efficacious Gentleman

    DeeAnna's Milk in Soap Information

    There is that sort of generalisation and much much more in the Songwind shaving soap thread - it's a long one, but well worth the time if you are interested in shaving soaps and/or shaving Edited to add, my first post was more aimed at pj looking for a solution for DH rather than a critique of...
  5. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Shrink wrap gun

    So as someone who doesn't have access to these brands, what makes a good heat gun for shrink wrap? Quality of product itself, obviously, but then what? What sort of temperature ranges are good, other settings, other features, which should be considered?
  6. The Efficacious Gentleman

    DeeAnna's Milk in Soap Information

    A good soap will help, but the right razor will, too. I always had a lot of weepers (not cuts, exactly, but places where blood would seep out a little) with the mach 3 and similar cartridges. But with a safety razor and even more so with a cutthroat I get none at all. With a multiple blade...
  7. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Is soap bad for you?

    I've been using it now for a good few years and not had issues. No matter what I use on my hands, other than plain water, they start to get a bit tight towards the end of the day
  8. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Not freaking out when trace happens

    ^ this! Smaller batches, especially at the start, have so many positives. And in this case, the more times that you do something, the more relaxed you'll be and the better you can get
  9. The Efficacious Gentleman

    HELP!! I put on too much water!! Hot process...

    Depending on how much more that would be than was needed, too much water in a soap can cause warping during curing. Would definitely second the suggestion to cook off extra water where possible
  10. The Efficacious Gentleman

    How do you know / Who do you trust?

    But it is very specifically about luxury oils and getting a good quality product rather than something very dodgy, not a general request for supplier recommendations
  11. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Preventing clogging of Liquid Soap pump

    The best part is when it squirts in a totally random direction because of the nozzle blockage!
  12. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Jumping off from Zany's 'No Slime Castille' to Bastille varieties

    Well, you're expecting a lot, especially on the weekend. I was surprised when you bumped it after such a small space of time, to be honest. Wait for during the week when people are more active on here. You'll see some posts coming in. Or maybe people are just a bit wary of posting on a...
  13. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Pure Evil_sister rant again

    It's just heartbreaking. Not because of how siblings can be (I have experienced some, but not to this degree) but because I know you (and your hubby) have done so much. Unbelievable
  14. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Are soap names regulated?

    Also be careful there. I've heard that having Eos in your soap and having a pamphlet on display which list the benefits of those Eos has caused issues. Association to too greater a degree is taken as being too much
  15. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Maximum Oleic Acid

    That if you want a soap with no (without) oleic gel (slime) then 50% oleic is your limit Edit - the double 'with' is most likely a typo
  16. The Efficacious Gentleman

    lye & alcohol

    It depends on the amount of scent in the product. Aftershave is generally the lowest, the it works upwards. Of course, people might use the same word to apply to all of them, which does confuse somewhat, too
  17. The Efficacious Gentleman


    That's the issue, though - mommy bloggers say that preservatives are bad and people then want preservative free products.......
  18. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Are soap names regulated?

    True, it's always good practice, as when people get a soapy present they're used to labelling a certain way. And I assume that the op isn't selling as this is on the beginner section. Might be a wrong assumption though
  19. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Are soap names regulated?

    Well, as you're not selling then it's not a major issue. I don't think that the restrictions apply to personal use
  20. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Red Devil NaOH 50 Pounds, $113 free shipping

    A female seal with grand children [emoji39]