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    Calling all patchouli fans!

    Hey, soap peeps! If you have a favorite patchouli essential oil blend, hit me up! Wondering about patch & lime.... Patch & orange.... Patch & lavender.... Patch & neroli....
  2. Zing

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I soaped today, finished phase 2 of 2. So stressful because it's a special order. Since getting stearic spots last week, I was paraonid and soaped too warm and everything went to thick trace quickly. I yelled for requested Mrs. Zing to assist with her frosting skills. Everything's warm and...
  3. Zing

    What happened here???

    Great molds! Can you please post your recipe?
  4. Zing

    Fall soaps

    Really beautiful soap there, especially that drop swirl! Stunning. In order to comment on the extra castor oil, it would help to get your recipe and the weight of the castor oil. I love castor oil and use it at 4-6%. I have had the experience of accidentally over-pouring oils so then I just...
  5. Zing

    Lavender and a complex design soaps lol

    Great colors! Just a warning to set a timer when going down the rabbit hole watching YouTube. Otherwise next thing you know the sun is coming up. I mean, so I've heard.
  6. Zing

    Complete newby

    Just popping in to say welcome to the Forum and nice to hear you've got a fun father-son project to work on. Even tho' you're a newbie, it's a bada-- move to make your own lard!
  7. Zing

    White streaks/partial gel

    You should totally own that design and tell everyone how skilled you are!! Let's call it the Schwartz Schwirl!
  8. Zing

    Safety first!

    Reminder to respect the lye, peeps! Today I was cleaning up. I thoroughly wiped off a spatula and accidentally dropped it on my bare foot. My utility sink is right there but I couldn't imagine straddling that thing and quickly finished so that I could get upstairs to the tub. Course I...
  9. Zing

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made phase 1 of a special order. I'l be angsty overnight. I initally was proud of my emulsion but it thickened up quickly. My in the pot swirl turned into glop glop and used a chopstick. I get to use my "multi plane" cutter from a good friend from here gave me.
  10. Zing

    What Bath & Body Thing Have You Done Today?

    Thanks for this recipe! It's a game-changer and really powerful. I was so frustrated I couldn't keep our vinyl curtain clean and I just knew my peeps here would have a recipe.
  11. Zing

    My other hobby

    I have no words.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    The good news is I masterbatched lye solution and oils mixture. This weekend I've gotta get going on a special Christmas order. The bad news is I unmolded and cut yesterday's double batch to discover my first batch with stearic spots. It's late and I have no energy to research it. Mrs. Zing...
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    Bag o' palm oil?

    Love all these hacks! Thanks, all of you!
  14. Zing

    Bag o' palm oil?

    Soap peeps, I'm used to palm oil in tubs. I ordered from Bramble Berry and surprised it's in a large bag! Any tips on using? I'm thinking I have to heat up the bag in the microwave every time?
  15. Zing

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I had a soapy day. I made a double batch of my signature soap, Spring Clean. Ran into a small glitch and discovered Mrs. Zing was using all the soup pots for canning applesauce. Um, priorities??!! Also labeled a special order ready for delivery -- sale! Mrs. Zing and I spent several days in...