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    to bevel or not to bevel

    I am still in the honeymoon phase of really liking the rustic look of just the cut bars. I am tempted to get a beveler I tried out from Mission Peak Soap though!
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    "Sprinkles" on top of soap - Your Opinion?

    While the stuff sprinkled on top looks cool, I didn't think I'd enjoy having it all fall off or be too scratchy in the shower.
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    Using my soap to make laundry detergent

    I have. I use 30% coconut 70% lard and it's only 2% lye discounted. I add orange eo. I grate it up, add some washing soda & borax. I eyeball it, but I think it's about 2 cups grated soap to 1/2 cup each of washing soda & borax. I add water & stir alot, or the washing soda becomes a giant rock...
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    What is your favorite scrubby additive?

    I like: Poppy Seeds Oat Flour Exhausted Vanilla Bean Seeds
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    Hello all!

    Welcome! I know the feeling. This is a great place to get support with your new hobby.
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    Sesame oil sources

    Does anyone have a local source for regular sesame oil in the SF Bay area? Whole foods has the smaller bottles, but I was looking for larger sizes. Most of the asian markets seem to have the toasted in large quantity, but I am looking for the regular sesame. Or if anyone has a online...
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    Soap Pot Weekend June 28 & 29

    I just got home with the hubby. We bought a 50 lb cube of beef tallow. Now I'm doing more research and formulating some recipes I am going to try with the tallow. I've really loved using lard, I can't wait to see how the tallow turns out.
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    Yeah!!!!! I got my TKB colors, but have a question..

    I have the tkb colors that are in suspended in glycerin, but people I know who have ordered the powered version keep it in the baggies.
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    Ok, can't post a pic to save my life

    Ok, I'm posting to see if my avatar & siggy are working.
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    Very cool looking! :D
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    Weekend soap pot June13-17

    They are exhausted vanilla bean seeds. I get them from work actually. :D And thanks for the help getting the pic posted!
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    Weekend soap pot June13-17

    Ok, Vanilla bean seeds here This is the honey almond eo blend soap with oat flour and vanilla bean seeds
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    Ok, can't post a pic to save my life

    ok, testing
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    Ok, can't post a pic to save my life

    I've tried a bunch of times now and it's not working. I've posted at various forums before, do not know what the dillio is. :(
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    TKB colors

    I've used her colors and have several friends who have used many of her colors and they have all been really just wonderful. As another person posted, a little does go a long way.