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    some pics of my soaps

    as to insurance: It can be very expensive here! Each person must do what they can afford. Some soap sellers I know sell only in small ways, and small amounts. I do keep a tally of everything, so that our government gets its share....we wouldn't want to have happen what has happened in some...
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    some pics of my soaps

    brandnew: here's my story (sorry - it's rather long)... I began making soap in July 2000; before I knew it, I had 300 bars at home, and my DH had to make a cage to hold them, to keep our country mice from eating the delicious soap, lol. When the cage was full of soap, I told my hubby that...
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    some pics of my soaps

    Some of these pics are 5 years old!!....I need to take new ones, will do.... but my soap today looks pretty much the same as it did then, maybe less colorful now cuz I don't like colors leaching out onto sinks, tubs, counters etc.... I've become more simplified. but anyway, since jezzy...
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    rainwater in soapmaking

    This is a very good question! We like to assume that rain is pure, don't we? (and I suppose long ago, not sure how was!) One way to find out how pure it is would be to take a sample (in a purified container of course) to your local government water purification place, and have...
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    shea butter

    What's "an anonymous soaper?" ok jezzy, I'll post some pics of my soaps in a separate thread.
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    would you mix rose with strawberry?

    I have fragrance oils of both - rose, strawberry-kiwi.....both are best-sellers on their own. and I was pondering mixing a bit of strawberry into the rose, for that "certain something"....touch of mystery? Sound good, or not?
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    shea butter

    OK, done now....spent that last couple of hours making a batch. I used 21% shea butter instead of my usual palm, plus 4% cocoa butter, to my usual olive, coc, pk, castor recipe.... Scented it with lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint. It smells SOOOOO fresh! I call this one "Cool Lavender". It...
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    shea butter

    Well, this is a very helpful post. I have a box of shea butter languishing in the cold basement, cuz I thought it wasn't anything special to the soaps I made with it last year. Maybe it's because I only used 10% shea. I will try some higher precentages today, and stop worrying about...
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    chlorine neutralizing soap?

    Well here it is 2 years later, and my s-i-l is still begging me to make this soap, says she could sell thousands of bars for me (she's a social worker, very well-connected). She also swims three times a week. She's 60 and has the slim body of a 20-something. She buys is from Swim2000 Inc...
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    Does orange EO accelerate trace?

    I don't think so, soapygirl. The essential oils seem to be very loose and flowing in soap (except for cinnamon, sometimes cloves). These make for a fast trace. Vanilla fo, for me, always traces way too quickly. To compensate, I don't do any water discounts, (i.e. use the full water stated in...
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    tea tree oil

    Tea Tree and Peppermint is a good seller for me.
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    Does orange EO accelerate trace?

    Orange eo has never, ever accelerated trace for me, and I use it frequently. I would blame the vanilla FO.
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    swirling...maybe i shouldnt, lol

    Very creative way to save a swirl that is less than what you wanted....congratulations! I think the final bars look great.
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    How to get more people to my booth

    These cheap shelves from IKEA, now fallen apart after 10 years of shows, worked so very well. My hubby also made the soap trays, also very good. You can get the instructions for making them on his soapmaker site. You can see the 90 degree angling from above, here. This was an...
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    How to get more people to my booth

    Your products look lovely. I have sold for 10 years and get a LOT of people stopping by my booth, and sales are always good. So if you care to read this, here are some things I've learned over the years, and which are my 'rules for myself': * Put out a LOT of product, make it look inviting...