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    Making Essential oils stick on skin

    The only eo that's had any staying power on the skin in my soaps is patchouli, and that was a soap with nothing but patchouli. In soaps with patch as part of a blend, it doesn't have the same longevity. I've had this same problem and same question. The whole reason I want to make my own soaps...
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    So, I went ahead and made this soap last night... (Also, a coloring question.)

    I tried infusing coconut oil with dried parsley in a potpourri crock. I ended up using the whole bottle of dried parsley in probably 3 oz of CO and turned it off and on (because it was getting too hot) for several hours, then let it sit overnight and strained and used the next day. Either it...
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    Will sugar help lather in a salt bar?

    Thank you! I think I saw this searching through the forum. Do you mix the powder with your lye water or add it at trace? So you use coconut water and coconut milk? Do you add the milk to the lye? Does it discolor? What exactly is dendritic salt? I've seen it mentioned but never actually seen...
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    Will sugar help lather in a salt bar?

    Do you find that your bars still have the same hardness at 50% salt? I love how they get so smooth with use and don't want to lose that quality.
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    Will sugar help lather in a salt bar?

    Ok so I replied to this but it never posted....I'll call it lack of caffeine. I have made 2 batches, one with 70% CO, one with 65%. The one with 70 does lather better with nice big bubbles. Both I believe had 10% Shea, I never read that it inhibits lather until after I made these...go figure. I...
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    Will sugar help lather in a salt bar?

    I've seen a few posts lately about using sugar to increase lather. I think salt bars are my favorite soap to make so far, but I don't want to use 100% coconut oil (or I don't think I do, haven't tried it yet but I like the ones I have made with a blend of CO, avocado oil, and Shea butter but...
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    "Earthy" scent recommendations?

    I made a patchouli orange (my first soap, actually) that is 35% patchouli eo and 65% 10x orange eo from BB. I used it at .5 oz PPO. It has the great earthiness of patchouli and the light tang of orange, and it seems so far (about 4 weeks) that the patchouli is anchoring the orange very well. Am...
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    Putting together nappy rash recipe

    Just out of curiosity, as this is not my thread/question, but why? Zinc oxide is in most diaper rash ointments. I would probably not go the route of adding butters, but beeswax and coconut oil should not be a problem unless I am missing information. Diaper rash creams are full of petroleum...
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    Infusing with Hard Oils?

    I infused CO with parsley flakes in one of those little potpourri crocks, and it seems to get too hot so I just kept switching it off when I felt it was too hot and back on before it cooled much. Also infused a soft oil (avocado or rice bran, can't remember) with dried chamomile the same way...
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    EO's don't scent skin?

    Thanks again! I am one of those with sensitive nose, and many synthetic fragrances, especially sweet ones, give me a migraine and nauseate me, even when I don't think they smell bad. Again, thank you for the help and information, and I just realized I spelled your name wrong earlier, so I...
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    EO's don't scent skin?

    Thanks, DeAnna. That brings another question to mind though....if I use the recommended amount of eo in soap, and then also in a lotion, and then again in a perfume, and I exceeding the recommended usage because some traces may be left from the soap after showering, and then the leave-on nature...
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    EO's don't scent skin?

    Thank you for your help, you two! My eo's add up to 14g if I add the extra I put it when blending, which comes out to .5 oz. I guess that could be a little underwhelming since my total oil and salt weight was 20oz or 566g. So, another question. When making a salt bar where a large percentage of...
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    EO's don't scent skin?

    HI, all First post here. Nice ta meet y'all! I've been reading and researching soap making since November, and finally made my first batch about 2 weeks ago. I've now made 5 batches, and I am in loooove! My question is on my latest batch, a sea salt bar scented with essential oils. The soap...