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    A wolf in sheep's clothing...

    Does anyone here regularly use lanolin in their CP soap? If so, what are the pros/cons to using it and what is the recommended amount? I'm asking about a body/bath bar, not for shaving. Thanks!
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    Pineapple Cilantro Coming

    OK. I'm willing to give it a shot. Can I order 4 oz? If so, put me down, please. Thanks.
  3. wearytraveler

    Pineapple Cilantro Coming

    If you know, does this discolor to a light, medium or dark tan?
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    Any fishkeepers using RO water?

    At one point I loved (and still do) keeping saltwater aquariums. I went all out and got myself an RODI unit. However, since it was a saltwater tank and I used live rock and real corals, there was never a need to add anything to the water to counter the pureness of the RODI water. I'm...
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    How to make a hole in bell of stick blender

    I have tried this with a KitchenAid SS stick blender. I used a special bit meant for metal and went slow and it worked just fine. There were no sharp edges and nothing left behind that could cut. However, please note that this backfired on me a bit. I purchased a used SB to try this so I...
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    Fragrance Oil Review Chart Link

    I figured that was the case but I don't want to do anything other than add/edit reviews so I wasn't going to mess with it. Thanks!
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    Fragrance Oil Review Chart Link

    I'm not sure if the sheet is being worked on but I went in just now to add/update a review for Bramble Berry and it seems that a lot of the rows are missing as I only see rows 21, 77, 105, and a few more but not the full list that I remember and I'm not given the option to unhide anything.
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    Emu Oil $34/lb.

    I'd love to give that a try in a recipe but methinks it's a bit too pricey.
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    Dirty guy finds soap

    Sucker! I remember being "that guy" that wanted to make a batch to see what it would be like. Now I'm planning batches in my head for just about every weekend. Soon you'll be up to your ears in soap. You'll eventually have 5 or more bars of soap in the shower and wonder what happened. And...
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    #FO voyeur thread

    I happen to like citrus scents and the reviews on BB were very positive so I threw caution to the wind and got it. I'm not the best when describing scents but this one makes my mouth water and gets me in the mood for a tall and cold glass of juice.
  11. wearytraveler

    #FO voyeur thread

    I 100% agree. I got this one for it's ratings and took a gamble and went for a larger bottle and I am glad I did. I soaped with this about three weeks back and it's sticking nicely and the scent has easily moved up into my top 3. LOVE!
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    Do You Know How Many High LARD Threads There Are?

    I'm one of those with a sensitive sniffer and can always smell souring milk a day or two before anyone else can. I've been soaping for just about a year and my first attempts at high lard soap (60%) were terrible because I could easily pick up the piggy smell and even when using a strong FO it...
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    To all you moms

    Agreed. I bet we have some of the cleanest moms anywhere! :razz: Have a great day!
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    Silicone Mold Comparison

    I used the CC 1501 mold for a while but got tired of the bowing and went with Essential Depot's mold and basket ( and have been very happy with the results.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Cut this this morning. I'm having fun messing with the mica sample pack from Nurture but I think I need to get some full jars as I'm having too much fun with colors! My second hanger swirl: