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    Dark Patchouli

    Can you tell me who NDA is? Thanks. There was a thread on FB talking about dark patchouli and buying it at NDA. I need to know what supplier this is.
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    Taiwan swirl

    What type of cutter do I need to cut a 2lb loaf for Taiwan swirl?
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    The MAX fragrance you would add to soap..

    I’ve read that a lot of soapers like to mix their F/O and essential oils with kaolin clay. Like they’re “steeping” or “anchoring” with the clay. I’ve been wanting to try this as well. I’m a bit of a “fragrance girl” myself. I always use Kaolin clay in every batch of soap I make to anchor scent...
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    Once you go Lard - you never go back

    I’m right next to Trabuco high so seriously down the street! I’ve done 20-30%. Maybe lard is just not for me? 🤣
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    Once you go Lard - you never go back

    Am I the only one who has a hard time with lard? It always seems to make my soap really soft and I get extreme soda ash. I guess I have to try it again but that’s been my experience. I have a vegetarian family so I get flack for using animal products. What am I missing? I don’t do plain soap, I...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I’ve never “glued” enbeds into a bar of soap before, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan🤣 We’ll see if this works. This is Raw Honeycomb from brambleberry with beeswax, honey and buttermilk and let me tell you it moved quickly!
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Happy Valentine’s Soap💜💜💜 Aromatherapy Passion from NG. Love this smell. I only put it in the bottom of the soap cause it turns dark but next time I will put a little fragrance oil in my enbeds. That way you can smell it more from the top. Little things we learn.
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    Hilarious “fancy soap”!

    I posted this on my FB page! So good 😊
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    Sacrifice longevity/hardness for design

    . By longevity, do you mean hardness? Because I think some people want to make a conditioning/creamy soap. I personally make soaps that are way more soft than Katie’s recipe but I’m creating those for a particular group of people. I like harder bars for men. Also, if you’re selling it’s not a...
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    Sacrifice longevity/hardness for design

    Katie Carson has her recipe available online and it’s perfect for an intricate design. It’s 40% olive oil. That’s the recipe I use when I have 6 colors.
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    Bramble Berry fragrance oils?

    My favorite BB fragrances are Black Amber and Lavender Deep Violet Birch wood Oud Kentucky Bourbon Scotch Whiskey Rum Woods Oatmeal Milk and Honey I think all of her FO’s need a higher rate in CP soap, they’re very subtle
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    What scents are you drawn to?

    I love earthy, sensual scents like amber, patchouli, francinsense, myrrh. I like sweeter scents as well. My least favorite are “clean” scents but I know a lot of people really like that.
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    Lard and Tallow

    Soapers Choice is my favorite!
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    Fragrance oils losing smell

    Adding orange peel powder and kaolin clay to my orange essential oil soaps work really well. I use brambleberry 10x orange and nature’s garden 5x mid season orange.
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    Storage question

    Why can’t you start selling now? 😉