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    Cut my soap...

    I have always used 1/2 inch per pound of oil. Don't you just love the feel of it in soap?? I had just never used it in GM soap
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    Cut my soap...

    LOL I understand the powerball playing! Ha I agree with you, I think it will all turn tan. We shall see!
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    Cut my soap...

    It has no scent what so ever.... it is so strange. It has no FO added
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    Cut my soap...

    It looks like chalkboard!
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    Cut my soap...

    Imagine my surprise.... [/url] it was solid black on the inside... No FO This is my Recipe 7% Palm Kernel 8% Rice Bran 11% Palm 30% Coconut 34% Olive 10% Castor Oil 1 inch of silk. Lye disolved in 1/2 water and icey GM at trace. 2 tsp of Golden Rod Mica anything...
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    Hello from the Desert!

    Welcome to the fun!
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    Some recent soaps that I have done...

    very nice! I love the colors!!
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    My "Duh" moment for the week

    awwww I have had moments like that.... we all have them but it doesn't make you feel any better Big Hugs
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    Howdy from Texas

    Thank you all! It is nice to be on a warm board! Not that I have ever been run off from anywhere! Ha I just was too scared to voice... :) Big Hugs
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello and Welcome!
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    Hey Ya'll!

    Hi Bonnie! Welcome!
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    Those are Beauuutiful!
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    Howdy from Texas

    Hey there! I am in Bastrop, outside Austin. I grew up in El Paso then the military took me away. I did live in Ft Worth for 10 years but settled in Bastrop. Gotta love the weather!
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    Howdy from Texas

    Hello everyone, I am Donna a cp soap addict.... :) I have had my business for about 5 years. Mostly soaps and candles but after a heart attack, I have scaled back. AND I am enjoying being retired! I make a few candles, nothing much but I weekly make soap for Local B&B's. A much smaller...