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    BB Wildflower Honey VS. Peak Wild Mountain Honey?

    I had to chime in because I was a huge fan of Peak WMH. It was the only scent I ordered from them and because I ordered in large sizes, I only just recently discovered that they are no longer in business. All that to say that in my opinion, Brambleberry’s wildflower honey IS the same fragrance...
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    BBs Lavender and Cedar

    I loved your soap so much that I now order this scent regularly! I absolutely loved your mix with the peppermint and I can't duplicate it exactly for myself. Yours was one of my favorite soaps I've ever used :)
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    Strawberries and Cream

    Very soft and pretty!
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    Good sub for cocoa butter in body butter?

    WSP has a cocoa Butter that is truly deodorized. I've ordered it many times and can say for certain that it has absolutely no scent at all. In case you'd like to keep using cocoa butter in your recipe :)...
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    Best way to add pigment to cold process soap?

    I like to mix my powder pigments in a plastic ziplock Baggie with some oil. It's easy to massage the color around in the bag and get it really combined with the oil. Then I snip off a tiny corner and squeeze the color out. You can mix a lot and save it in another container (like a squeeze...
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    How to achieve certain opacity/finish

    Another thought.. My soaps turn out crumbly around the edges when I pour the batter too thin. I've noticed pouring at a more pudding-like consistency makes the texture of the finished soaps so much nicer.
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    My quest for coconut:

    Hi there! I've been MIA, but I did see that you tried to PM me :) I deleted messages and renewed my membership so .. I'd love some samples and will message you. Thanks! Unrefined virgin Coconut oil was exactly the scent I was going for when I did this test... I really feel like none of them...
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    SMF Soap Making Challenge October: Hidden Feather Swirl

    I've been neck deep in packing for my move in December, but I just came in to look at these soaps and wanted to tell you all how lovely they are! Wow! I'm totally impressed and have to admit I'm sorta glad I had to skip this one. I've only tried the feather once and geez did it bomb! You're all...
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    Please...tell me it will morph!

    I do this too. I have my theories about color (specifically micas and oxides and indigo.. Not clays) added before lye, because I've seen a difference between two identical soaps one with color added before and one after.
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    Please...tell me it will morph!

    Can I be nosey and ask which lavender FO you used? I have one from NG that goes really brown. It's French lavender I think..
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    What's your favorite soapmaking video on Youtube?

    I love all of Handmade in Florida's videos. I can watch them over and over. I like that they're nice and brief, I don't have the attention span for lots of talking and mixing. I wish she would post more often!
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    Things to do in New York!

    rparrny we LOVE Wicked!
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    Things to do in New York!

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions! We went to the High Line and Chelsea Market today. It was magnificent!!! I'm so glad I found out about it! I just so happened to get the blue bottle coffee (which I have in LA, but I love it so much I broke the rule.. Plus it was on a raised train track...
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    Some "lush"ious soaps

    So pretty! All of them!
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    Official entry thread: SMF Soap Making Challenge: September Discoloring FO

    Yay! I love ties! I love when everyone wins!! Thanks all :)