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    Doesn't look like fruit

    Thanks and you are right lol.
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    Doesn't look like fruit

    Thanks. I appreciate it.
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    Doesn't look like fruit

    I have ordered 4 different column molds but they haven't arrived yet.
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    Soap traces too quick for my liking

    Nurture soap has a good well behaving vanilla FO.
  5. Todd Ziegler

    Why did my soap gel ?

    Ditto on what @AliOop has said.
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    Doesn't look like fruit

    I like the color. I wish I could make a design like that but it never works for me.
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    Heirloom apple

    In person the yellow/green looks a lot better. Thanks @Zing. I have a well rounded recipe that without color is a transparent/white. Plus my recipe allows me to get the soap up to 150°F + during the gell phase without any problems. I have been ordering plants and seeds for my garden, so fruit...
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    Heirloom apple

    Here is my rendition of the apples that grew in my grandparents orchard when I was a kid. I never new what the name of the apples were but I remember what they looked like. I provided a picture for comparison. I didn't quite get it exactly but it smells like an apple.
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    Doesn't look like fruit

    Thanks @Zing and yes those are shavings. Thanks I did add a little red but not enough. I have the orange vibrance but I used orange saffron with some neon orange and a little red.
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    Doesn't look like fruit

    Thanks, I am going to try it today.
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    Doesn't look like fruit

    I wanted to make some soap that looked like the fruit that it represents. As you can see, they don't really look like an orange and a strawberry. I'm going to do some carving on them to see if I can get them to look like they are supposed to.
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    Sugar to soap

    I have never done HP soap but you can use in CP soap making. You can use around 1 tsp of sugar per pound of oils. You will dissolve it in the water that you are going to use for your lye. Once it is dissolved completely, then add it to your lye. Make sure that it is dissolved completely or...
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    Questions on rebatch soap

    I can't answer your rebatch question because I don't rebatch my soap failures. However I will point out for you that there are a lot of citrus FO's that have plenty of staying power but they are expensive. For example; awaken from nurture soap remains strong in my soap. I have a 3 month old one...
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    Acceleration and almond oil

    It’s really weird because it only happened when I used the 8th & ocean with almond oil and no other time m.
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    Help with soap

    Welcome! I would recommend that you take the time to figure out what you expect from your soap ie; I want a long lasting soap, I want a lot of lather etc. Then start playing with a soap calculator. To get you started here is my go to recipe. Lard, coconut oil, palm oil, high oleic safflower...