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    Beeswax tapers

    U can save on shipping and help support local beeks by getting the wax from local clubs. If possible, ask for cap wax, it's cleaner and lighter than other wax. It's the wax that "caps" the comb and is the newest,cleanest wax.
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    I grew some calendula what?

    Calendula is a great plant. Easy to grow and many studies show its good for skin. Even better than aloe in some studies. Infuse in oil and use quickly. :thumbup:
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    Looking for suggestions on bags for customers at fairs

    Thanks for the replies. Think well try some of the paper bags and see if they're better than the party store bags
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    Looking for suggestions on bags for customers at fairs

    What sort of bags do you use for customers at craft fairs? We tried using recycled plastic shopping bags, but not all customers were into old shopping bags for thier shiny new soaps and lotions they just paid good money for. We tried brown paper lunch bags, but had similar feedback. We...
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    Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign

    We just changed our signs we use for craft fairs and my wife made some stands for the signs out of wire coat hangers. She cut them, bent them to shape and spray painted them. It worked out well, so thought I'd share...
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    For the Beekeepers

    Here's a video on some of it's drawbacks. Basically, honey harvest isn't the most time consuming activity in beekeeping and is usually the most fun, so it's not worth trying to make it a little quicker. Also, there are many thousands of bees flying around your hive. A spout flowing honey into...
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    Need packaging design help!

    I'd also consider asking local high schools and colleges if their best students would like some semi-professional work. Here's a link for requesting work from MICA, a college of art near us in MD that usually ranks in top 10 for art.
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    Craft show banner setup

    If it's light enough, you could try placing a slim/tall wooden pole from Home depot onto the side of a camp chairs (which I bet you'll have at a fair have anyway) so that it's vertical, like a flag pole. You could get those plastic ty-wraps to secure the pole to the chair so it won't topple...
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    What is Beeswax Supposed to Smell Like?

    You can give some of you local beeks a call in your area to get local wax. you probably can get it un-bleached, without pesticides and without shipping cost :)
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    Ash.. blah

    I have similar experience as Tienne. I CP soap, leave it uncovered in mold for 24 hours to firm up. I then gently pull soap out of the mold so all sides are exposed for slow drying, but loosely cover it in saran wrap, leaving the ends of the loaf mold exposed (I cut those off anyway). I...
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    Bees wax! Lots of bees wax!

    I would second the statement to pls call a local beekeeper. Hubby can keep a list of a couple contacts with him. Beekeepers usually pay @ $130 for a colony like that. I'd be willing to drive an hour to save $130. Another option some use to strain honey from crushed comb is to use a new/clean...
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    Our First Craft Fair

    Hi girlishcharm2004, We mostly bought stuff from various stores and used stuff from our house. To save money, I would recommend using stuff around the house, the dollar store and yard sales to get the minimum of whats needed; table, tablecloth or sheet, cardboard boxes for display stands. We...
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    Our First Craft Fair

    Thanks for the replies. The old smoker is actually my current smoker, it's just well used. We probably will try another craft fair and see how it goes, one fair at a time. And we are very close to Days End. All in our family have volunteered there at different times.
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    Our First Craft Fair

    We've been giving away our soaps, lotions and honey for a while and finally decided to form a company and try selling at a fair. There is a horse rescue farm ( near us that we do volunteer work. They were holding a "Fall Fest" and we purchased a vendor space. I attached 2 pics...
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    Here a couple of links I just ran across. The first is a fairly short discussion of the issue. The second is a not-so-succinct analysis of the scientific testing methods from a forum discussion a few years ago (see the post 16 of 3/1/2005 post by JohnyB...