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    SAP Value for FOs/EOs

    This has been in the back of my mind for awhile, but it finally came to the front the other day when I was watching a video and the person added an entire pint jar of FO to their batter. Now it was a large batch of soap and the person is a responsible soap maker so I have no doubt that the...
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    Removing bubbles

    Soap isn't resin. Bubbles can be caused by another number of things as noted by @AliOop and @Zing. Plopping in ingredients can cause bubbles, stirring too fast can cause bubbles, stick blending when your batter is at a thick trace. Take a moment to slow down a little, breathe, less stick...
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    Unusual fragrances

    I don't do 'notes' either. I can't open a bottle, take a whiff and go "Oh, I can smell notes whiskey barrel, cinnamon, cedarwood, sandalwood and amber". What happens is I open the bottle, take a whiff and go "Well that doesn't smell like a bonfire". Of course, I'm the same way wine. LOL
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    New to the soap world!

    Welcome. I wish I had taken an interest in a lot of different things. I'll be 61 and started making soap three years ago.
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    So I received this certified letter in the mail yesterday...

    To @SissysommerFeldt4 and @therealshari - Might be a good idea to check the date of the thread before responding. This thread is thread is five years old. And @therealshari you're trying to compare apples and onions. Tenzer-Fuchs v Dr Squatch Inc has nothing to do with the original post and...
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    PPO, TOW, TFW???

    Whether I use PPO or TOW, the results are exactly the same for me so what is the benefit to changing the term? And what exactly is the weight/percentage of 1 tea of Mica, or 1 tea of Rose Clay or 1 tea of Sodium Lactate? How much does an 'ml' weigh? If I was a commercial enterprise under...
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    What is THAT?

    After 4-5 months if you had mold, you would have a lot more than just a couple of spots. And your cardboard is going to ‘soak’ up a lot of your humidity. You would be better to test in a plastic box where the humidity could condense a bit. I’m wondering if it isn’t the iron in the spinach...
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    Red Palm Oil Test

    Interesting that you should ask since I had completely forgotten about them, All four are just has hard as my regular soap. And despite just hanging out on my soap cart in kitchen, three of them still smell like soap, one smells a bit like BRV from getting a dime-sized splash from the Wedding...
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    Soap Making Boo-Boo

    Too funny! I probably would have done that the one time I left my soaping stuff in the garage for a couple of days 'cuz I was too tired to clean up afterwards, but my daughter hadn't emptied the dishwasher so I did them by hand. And it was the one time because I didn't get the memo about...
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    Slab molds

    Sounds like my old loom collection. I used to loom knit, not to be confused with a weaving loom, and as much as I enjoyed it...if you like to make a lot of different things, you had to buy a lot of different looms because each one was a fixed medium. I got into needle knitting and sold/gave...
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    Getting soap out of tenacious test molds

    Yeah, those little square molds can be a bit of a pita sometimes, but I don't stress less than perfect bars because it's a 'test' soap.
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    Best Body Scrub and Body Butter Vessel that's not plastic

    When I make a personal gift of my bath salts I use a set of glass Mason bail jars; they look nice on the counter and have scoops. For public sales, it's plastic jars and refill bags because most people are stupid and glass breaks and then they cuts themselves and go to the ER for stitches and...
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    CP soap hybrid African black soap

    But it is...mostly. I decided to do a bit of research in what qualifies as "African Black Soap" or "Black Soap" from Africa. The first is the most obvious...that it is made in West Africa". According to the United Nations, Western Africa is made up of the countries of Benin, Burkina Faso...
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    Neither here nor there.

    The ones on the left look like candle molds?. You could probably use CP, but you would need to increase your Lye Concentration, use some Sodium Lactate and then leave the soap in the molds for several days. I used the below mold to make soaps for my son's wedding. The first batch (CP) turned...