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    EO & FO Scent Fade issues

    I find if I soap at cooler temps - maybe 90-100 and put the soap in the fridge so it doesn't gel, the essential oil scents last longer. However by doing that, it then can create other issues like partial gel and soda ash!! You can't win! Recently I've been gelling my soaps using CPOP method...
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    Sodium Lactate- Differences when added

    I haven't found any difference either. I used to add to oils then I read somewhere it was meant to be added to cooled lye so started doing that. I have anothe recipe where I don't use sodium lactate at all and honestly I can' t tell the difference!
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    The B word!!

    Hi there yep - Brexit!!Don't worry I'm not here to discuss politics - but it seems Brexit is going ahead. I am just wondering how it will effect UK soap makers? At the moment our soaps have to undergo a cosmetic safety report and then get registered on the EU portal. At the moment nothing is...
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    Heat Transfer method

    Thanks - loved the video. I've never tried this method but going to give it a go next time and see what happens!
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    Online certified soap making cources

    Hi there I did a few courses with Udemy and found them really useful. They weren't expensive - I think £10-£25 maybe? They're not certified courses. But I found the instructor really good with her online videos.
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    My 1st cp soap

    Great stuff! It's so much fun (and can be very addictive). Enjoy your soapmaking
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    Question about gel

    Just going back to gel. I've had real problems with so many of my soaps having partial gel. I know it's just a cosmetic thing but I'd prefer it if my soaps were either full gel or not gelled at all - not something in the middle (literally!) I think I've had a breakthrough this week! What I did...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made two batches of soap - one a purple floral type and the other blue and white! Got a second hand soap cutter for my birthday last week and can't wait to use in a few days time for the first time!
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    Newbie, Can Someone help with EU Regs

    Hi there - I found the 'Soap Kitchen' website useful as it has all the details there on what you need to do to sell soap legally in the UK - and EU.Although with Brexit who knows what will happen? Chaos I imagine!! Basically you have to find a recipe you are happy with - then get it approved by...
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    Harp style wire Soap Cutters UK

    Hi there! Soap making is such a process and it can all go pear shaped at any stage of it!!! At the moment it all seems to be going ok and I'm making nice soaps. However right at the end of the whole process - my cutting can get messy and uneven or smudged. I used one of those £20 wooden cutters...
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    First soap results

    Great stuff!! Be warned - it's addictive! Once you made one batch - you can't wait to make the next and keep on trying new things!
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    Hi from the UK

    Hi there and welcome - from another Brit. I'm a beginner here too and have made about 6 batches so far - ok but not perfect. I've found this forum the best for advice and it's really helped. Good luck with your soap journey
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Cut up some soap that I made over the weekend. The proceeded to learn all about glycerin rivers, water discounting and the use of Titanium Dioxide - and after a good days research I feel I have a much better understanding of this
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    Lavender and Cedar

    It looks great and I'm sure it smells amazing too
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made a batch of soap this afternoon experimenting with new blend of essential oils.