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    Cucumber Purée

    I really like cucumber and buttermilk soap. I've never gotten any scratchy consisitancy from it. I don't peel (you will get tiny green specks, but I like that look). What I do is wash the cucumber. cut off the ends, cut it up into 1-2 inches, weigh it, dump it in my VitaMix, weigh out equal...
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    Always running into issues

    I like it. Looks like a mosaic.
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    Soaping Temperatures?

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    Soaping Temperatures?

    IrishLass, agree with your assessment, and I'd like to add tallow to your list of oils. I learned all about false trace with my second tallow batch. A sweet temp spot for me is between 111° - 115°. Any lower and I stress out about false trace. Any higher and it moves a little too fast for me.
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    Large Equipment Soaps and Candles North Carolina

    I took a look at your video. The contractors have totally screwed you. On top of that I know that working with FEMA is one of the worst experiences an American can have. I suggest you get legal help to fight the contractors. I'm really sorry you've gone through so much. May you be protected...
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    Large Equipment Soaps and Candles North Carolina

    dixiedragon, I just saw your post. I don't actually have any items on your list but it seems that you make lotion. I need to de stash because I no longer make lotion and we will be moving. I have some bottles and caps in various sizes. If you are interested PM and I can get some info on the items.
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    Can we all take a few minutes to mourn the losses this weekend....

    Thoughts and prayers are good, but thoughts and prayers with action is what is needed. Terribly sad about what is occurring. May we come together and heal.
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    Lilac soap

    You soap is so lovely - wish I could smell it because lilic is one of my favorite scents. My lilic FO is old and needs to be replaced - thanks for sharing where you got yours. BTW - nature does not do straight lines. I think your soap has movement, much like lilic flowers swaying in the morning...
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    Can we all take a few minutes to mourn the losses this weekend....

    It is beyond comprehension.
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    I'm Not New...but it's Been Awhile

    Facebook is like speed dating. Not for me.
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    Hello from the Duke City

    Greetings and welcome! Your soap looks amazing.
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    Learning the hard

    I like it! Hope the smell mellows.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Can't wait to see this baby cut!
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    July 2019 SMF Challenge Entry Thread - Landscape/NOT Seascape Soaps

    I would but I don't know how. Help?