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  1. Tara_H

    Black Pepper EO?

    I've tested it but not used it apart from that so can't recommend blends. To my surprise, it significantly *slowed* acceleration. My notes indicate that the sample was still soft 2 days later, although I believe it hardened up properly after that. (I'll go check) Yep, the sample is looking...
  2. Tara_H

    Mint condition

    As a fresh herb, I know very little about basil mint other than it tastes/smells like basil, but grows like mint, which is a blessing to me since basil is too delicate to grow here. EO wise I've only got peppermint, for toothpaste and because it's handy to slow trace in a pinch.
  3. Tara_H

    Deliberately seizing soap for layered design

    Definitely can be done - the degree of difficulty depends on just how extreme the seizing is and exactly the volume of batter you want to move (it's harder to evenly spread a larger volume of batter that's fighting against being spread) - but it's a known technique for using accelerating FO. I...
  4. Tara_H

    Body soap vs. Face soap vs. Hand soap

    The only difference in mine is that the soaps where I've used EO that might be tingly or spicy on delicate parts, those soaps are reserved for hand washing only. I don't use soap on my face anyway, so basically have a split between bath Vs sink soaps.
  5. Tara_H

    SMF October 2021 challenge - butterfly hanger swirl

    Here's my single attempt and non-entry. It was inspired by a photo from our honeymoon of a golden birdwing butterfly: The colours came out pretty well, and the mango and jasmine scent is just the sort of exotic chaos I remember from Thailand :) Unfortunately, the rapid acceleration put paid...
  6. Tara_H

    The Guy At The End Of The Bar...

    The guy at the end of the bar doesn't care if his name's not on the list, he wants to come in!
  7. Tara_H

    SMF October 2021 challenge - butterfly hanger swirl

    Hmm, interesting question - I guess it's probably all from the same bag since we don't go through a lot of it. Just regular granulated sugar, nothing unusual.
  8. Tara_H

    SMF October 2021 challenge - butterfly hanger swirl

    Got my "attempt" poured today but I'm very very skeptical of it right now. To start with I've been having a weird thing going on with my sugar syrup turning the lye solution red... I made a new syrup in case that was the problem but it still went a vivid orange colour. Not like caramelised sugar...
  9. Tara_H

    DOS for the first time! Talk me down off the ledge!

    Re: silica packs, I've been buying the rechargable ones from Amazon for my 3d printing filament and I can recommend them so far. What I like is that they're a known weight - when they get above (I think) 650g you just microwave them to get them back down to 500g. I also have some cheap digital...
  10. Tara_H

    What next?

    I don't know any of these fragrances but bamboo sounds lovely!
  11. Tara_H

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Well, yesterday I did a bunch of the prep for the challenge soap. We're still in the process of converting the old cow shed (some may remember it as the kill room) into a proper craft room, but everything is in odd places at the moment. It took me an awful lot of energy to find all of the...
  12. Tara_H

    Cocoa butter as a base note

    Great article! I love IrishLass' creamy Shea and cocoa butter LS, but I find it tricky to scent because it contributes some strong notes of its own. I found sandalwood worked surprisingly well.
  13. Tara_H

    My soap seized again

    I think I recognise the packaging; mystic moments? I have a couple of their FOs and they seem legit enough, but I would always recommend testing because you never know how a FO will react with your specific recipe. I haven't tried it myself but I've read that diluting your FO in a portion of...
  14. Tara_H

    Minimum Longevity Number

    I was playing around with the calc today trying to get a recipe with a good percentage of lard and ended up with a graph rather similar to yours with 70% lard and then 10% each of coconut, castor, and tallow. Not necessarily recommending that recipe (yet) since I haven't actually tried it, but I...
  15. Tara_H

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    After all the fretting, I went to make shampoo bars last night... And discovered I was out of slsa 🤦‍♀️ I guess in the excitement of mum visiting I didn't keep my inventory properly updated, so I had to order some more but it will take a couple of weeks to get here. In the meantime I tried yet...